Saturday, December 21, 2013

December 16

So I completly forgot to tell you last week but this was a shorter
transfer (5 weeks) so last Saturday was transfer calls!! but no
worries we didn't get one :) which we were super excited for!!! I love
sister haskell and we are just starting to really get our
companionship unity down so it will be great to get to spend more time
together! this coming transfer is a 7 week long one so that is a
little different. It ends at the start of Feb! which is weird to think
about. This is also Sister Ransom's last transfer :( I am still in
denial that she will be going home. It's been great to get to see her
as I have been here in Rapid.

So I think that today I am going to cut all my hair off. into an
A-line. I have been debating doing it for a while. It's just so
annoying sometimes when it is long. but then I have been growing it
out for so long! I just can't decide. but I think that I will cut it!!
Crazy crazy I know!!!

oh also side note yes I got the packages! thank you!! they have been
fun to open every morning. The Mia Maids sent me and sister haskell
the 12 days of Christmas too so that has been fun :) I also got the
card from Dawnielle and the package from grandma and grandpa! so thank
you. The young woman sent this cute little paper tree and we put it up
on one of the tree trunks in our apartment and all of our presents are
under it. It's way cute. We are planning on skyping home in the
morning on Christmas. Also I was thinking that we could try to do a
group skype thing if anyone else would like to particpate. I am in the
same time zone as you again so I was thinking most likely some time
between 10 and 11? we will see for sure. I will call mom or dad on
their phones to tell them to get on skype. I am super excited to talk
to you!! I love you all so much!! Christmas season is a fun time to be
a missionary. We get to wish people a Merry Christmas all the time.
The other day we were tracting and we knocked on this guys door. He
told us he was baptist and wasn't super excited that we were there.
But as we left we both just smiled and wished him a merry christmas
and his face lit up and he said Merry Christmas to you too. It was
just a really cool moment. He didn't invite us back or anything but
that simple merry christmas brigthened his day and maybe now he thinks
of mormon missionaries a little bit better than he did before we
knocked on his door.

So this Christmas we as the missionaries have invited our ward to give
the gift of the gospel. We have encouraged them all to wrap up a copy
of the book of mormon and give it as a gift to someone this holiday
season. so I have the same challenge for all of you at home! get a
copy of the book of mormon. pray to know who needs it. write your
testimony in the front cover, wrap it with care, and give it to
someone that you love!!! This gospel is the best gift that each of us
has in our lives. This is the perfect season to share it with those
that we love. I know that the Lord will bless us as we strive to share
His gospel. People notice that we are different. And even in Utah
there are plenty of people waiting to hear of it!!!! And maybe they
aren't a non-member. Maybe they are a less active member who needs
some love. They may need an invitation to come back. To know that they
are loved and wanted in Christ's church. Here in Rapid we have had the
opportunity to work with many less active members and watching them
come back to the gospel has been amazing. It's such a joy!!!! The
other day one of the woman texted us and told us she hadn't had coffee
for 4 days!!! and we were so excited for her!!!!!! It's the small
things that bring real joy. I just love this gospel and I love being a

This Church is true. I know it with all of my heart. The Lord wants us
to be humble. And when we are we are truly happy. In the past few
months I have had to come to the harsh reality that I don't always
have to be right. (a shock to all of you I am sure) In our last zone
conference Sister Anderson said something that has really touched my
heart. She told us years ago she heard someone say that it's okay to
be right but it's better to be nice and kind. And I have realized that
yes I am right about a lot of things. and honestly I am wrong about a
lot of things. But in the grand scheme of things it really doesn't
matter most of the time. The Lord is always right. and He doesn't go
around bragging about it or being rude. so why on earth should we? as
I have worked to be humble I have realized that I am happier. and it's
really not that big of a deal to admit that you don't always have to
be right. When I let go of that and submit to God knowing that He will
help me, I have been able to over come a lot of things. The Lord loves
us. And sometimes He humbles us because He knows it's what is best for
us. If I had one thought to really share with you this week it would
simple be what Sister Anderson shared

"it's okay to be right, but it's better to be nice and kind.

I love you all with all of my heart!
Love always your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux

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