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March 24

HI!!!!!!!!!! so I love it here. even though it is the middle of no where. Since the moment that I got here I have felt so much love and support. This ward is great. They are a little different than any other ward I have ever been to but it's wonderful. So I didn't write last week about it but Huron has a ton of people who are refugee's from Burma, they are Karen. Many of them don't speak English but some do. It's been really cool to get to know these people. We have three girls two investigators and one recent convert that we meet with who are Karen. Thankfully they speak English pretty well so they can understand us. The miracles it that 6 weeks ago there was an Elder who arrived to our mission who is Karen and speaks the language fluently. So he and his companion have been teaching these people. Such a miracle. He had no idea when he decided to serve a mission that this would happen. He is from Utah and there are many Karen refugee's in Salt Lake. His name is Elder Zaw and Mom he totally worked and beehive clothing and knows you. It was funny I was showing the elders my pictures of my family and he was like hey I know her. I was like that's my mom? He was like ya she is a supervisor at Beehive Clothing. Super funny. I am just running into people you work with everywhere! :)

So Sister Dennison is my new companion. Oh my goodness I love her! she is awesome. She's from Kaysville I do believe and went to Davis high school. She graduated a year after me but has a summer birthday so she actually just turned 19 last July. We have a very similar sense of humor so we can totally laugh and crack jokes to each other all the time. She is a super cute girl. Oh and the woman who texted you is Sister Gose :) she is awesome. Her son is in a mission right now in Brazil but he had to wait for his visa for a while here in the States. She was having a super hard time with it when a woman in his ward took a picture of him and sent it to her. It helped her out so now she makes sure to take pictures of the missionaries and send them to their parents :)

So we have these cute little Karen investigators. One is named Ma-aye-aye, she is 11. We connected really fast. She has been meeting with the missionaries for a really long time but her mom won't let her get baptized until she is 15. Sister Dennison told me that our two lessons with her have been super good compared to before and she came to church on Sunday and really liked it! (which I guess recently she has really not been wanting to go to church so that was awesome!) I taught her a little bit of sign language which was fun for her and so now we can sign little things to each other. She was one of those people that I just feel really close to instantly. I love her! We also have a 15 year old investigator named Kin Ma who can't get baptized til she is 18. She came to young womans with us on Wed. though and really liked it. So this ward is really like the size of a branch they only have 4 young woman 1 active 1 less active and 2 Karen girls who are shy and so they don't come. So they have asked the Sister's to come to activities  with them. Our goal this week is to get everyone there that we can!!! and to make sure that it is fun. (which is like my specialty. still a firm believer that life is too short to not be silly sometimes!!) so that has been good.

We also have a woman named Amanda that the Elder's referred us to. She is super interested in learning about our faith. Super prepared. So we are excited for that. She is easily distracted though so we have to work to keep it simple and help her to stay on track :) but it should be good to teach her.

Being here and talking with Sister Dennison has showed me that I really have learned so much from my mission. As we talk I find myself telling stories of things and seeing how far I really have come. She is an amazing missionary and I am super excited to serve with her. She has a desire to work hard and I know that as we do we are going to get to see miracles here. This area at times has seen some disobedient missionaries and so it is going to take a lot of strength to keep working hard and stay true to all the rules I know to be right. But there have also been some really great missionaries who have worked hard to build up the kingdom here. So it's will be great!!!!! super duper excited!! :)

I don't know what else to write about. Life is good! I am excited. I feel like I have said that like 17 times. but I am! When I first got here I went and met our ward mission leader, Brother Taylor and he asked me to share my testimony with him. as I shared it I realized how much I really have grown and changed as a missionary. I knew the gospel was true when I came on a mission but now I understand it so much better than I ever did before. It's simple and yet so amazing. Everything connects. My true testimony is that my Savior, Jesus Christ lives. That this church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, is His church here on the earth. That His authority is found here. There are many wonderful people out there who serve their Savior to the best of their knowledge. They can see miracles through their faith. But they can't have the fullness of joy that is promised to each of us as sons and daughters of God until they hear the restored gospel. I know that to be true with all of my heart. It's the reason that I am still here. It's the reason I get out of my bed every morning at 6:30. It's the reason I go tracting. It's the reason I study. It's' the reason that I have a smile on my face every single day. It's the reason I am happy. It's the reason that I want to be with my family forever. I know that it is true.

I love you all so much. Thank you for the prayers of support and love. They mean the world to me. I feel them. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't ever give up hope. There is always hope through our Savior. Always.

Love always your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux

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