Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14

Well Hello!!!! so another week has come and gone and it's again time to write home. which is just so weird to me. I feel like I just wrote home! I don't even know what to write about.... this past week went so fast that I don't even remember what happened! Things are going good here in Huron. Same old same old. Sister Dennison and I are doing great! still laughing our way through things. Like always :) Church was a bit hard yesterday. we had 3 investigators who said they would be coming who didn't :( but it's okay! Sister Dennison leaned over to be and reminded me that we did have 3 less actives and 2 recent converts come to church. so 5 people that we are working with were there. They just all happened to be members of the church. I also got to play the piano for sacrament meeting. First time I have done that on my mission. but it went well. No mistakes. which is really a mini miracle in and of itself. I get to speak in church next week. So April is missionary month here in Huron. Except this coming Sunday is Easter. So I am supposed to be speaking about missionary work on Easter Sunday,.... I think I am just going to focus on how missionary work is so closely tied to the Atonement. and how the message of Easter is really the center of our missionary message to the world. something like that... we'll see. I got volunteered to speak yesterday in ward council. so I will let you know how it goes!

oh goodness I don't know what else to write about. last week we had an extra sister with us for Monday and Tuesday. so Tuesday we were frantically trying to figure out something productive to do. We tried like every single person under the sun that we could possibly think of. NO ONE answered the door. Not one person! so we kept going and we get to the point in the night when we only have like 20 min. before the other missionaries are going to be there to pick up the other sister. Sister Dennison is like... well we could go try Yong. He is a former investigator who we had tried before but was never home. So we got over totally not expecting him to be home. and He is! and He lets us in. He and his wife were there and he told us how he had met with missionaries in the past but then he just got too busy but that he was ready for us now. It was crazy! but of course we only had a few min. so we quickly shared some how to being teaching points with him (they are basically simple point that explain why we are there as missionaries etc they are in chapter 10 of PMG) and then we had to go! He is Hmong and doesn't speak a ton of English but his son has gone to college so he wants to have us over when his son is home to help him understand. the elders also had a Book of Mormon in Hmong so we were able to drop that off at his house a few days ago. Kinda crazy! but a cool experience. The Lord gives us those blessings as we continue to strive to do what we know to be right and are diligent in doing His work.

okay so random side note about this adventure last Tuesday. we are driving down this dirt road and I look at this house and I was like hey! there are bikes in those trees!! both the other sisters were like what? so we turned around and went back and sure enough there were like 4 bikes hanging in these peoples trees. super funny. so we of course took pictures. oh the adventures of serving in a small town :) always something new and exciting! I love it. Huron also has all these cool murals on the sides of buildings. so we are going to go one pday and take pictures next to them. should be fun.

We had our zone training meeting this past week in Brookings. Which Is a pretty good drive. I got so used to being in rapid where all the meetings took place at the stake center which was like a mile from our house. Having to travel to meetings again was super weird. but The meeting was good. We talked about ways to have enhanced studies. What I got from it the most was just how important the spirit really is in everything, learning and teaching. The zone leaders did this role play where they were teaching an investigator about the apostasy. The first time through they did it way bad so that we could easily tell it was awful. They were talking about things that were super random like the Koran and the Dead Sea Scrolls, Martin Luther and the 95 thesis. Random facts and events that have to do with the great apostasy. Then the second time they did it they didn't need to mention all those historical "facts" and things. They explained it simply and clearly the way that it is taught in Preach My Gospel. The difference was night and day. What really stood out to me was that both times they technically talked about the great apostasy. the first time through everything they said was technically true. but the second time through they had the spirit. and it made all the difference. I think of how when we are sharing the gospel, learning the gospel, and teaching the gospel we have to keep things simple. The more simple things are the easier it is for the spirit to help us teach.

Later that night we were able to go and meet with our investigator ma aye aye (she is a cute little 11 year old Karen girl) the lesson we taught was directed by the spirit and it was a really great experience. it was the kind of lesson you walk out of and just feel like you are on cloud 9! it was so great. Because you know that it wasn't you who taught the lesson, it was the Holy Ghost. Feeling like you have been an instrument in the hands of God is one of the best feelings there is.

well I am running low on time and I want to send home some pictures! so I well leave your for now :) I love you all so much!!! hope you have an amazing Easter!!!!!!

Love always your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux
one year anniversary

sister dennison and I ! 

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