Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April 29

Things have been good out here! It finally started to warm up! I am excited to hear about the package. Sister Ransom and I will enjoy it greatly I am sure :) I am glad that Kale got my picture and that he loved it! We had some time last PDay to write some letters so I thought it would be fun for him to get a real letter in the mail. This past week Sister Ransom had to go to Rapid City for some leadership training and so I was left in Bismarck with another sister who's companion had to go to Rapid as well. It was fun to serve there for a few days but it was nice to get back to Grand Forks as well. It's becoming my little home away from home. The ward here is really great. They are so willing and ready to help us out. Which is good because we need to help for sure! I have come to really understand and appreciate just how important the members are to missionary work. I have taken for granted all those years of living in Utah and being around so many other memebers just how much I could be doing to help the work go forward. If we didn't have the memebers support then we really would be pretty much hopeless out here. So it's good to have their help.
I am thinking about writing a letter to the Young Woman someday soon but just sending it to the house so Mom if you could give it to Sister parker so they can all read it that would be awesome. :) It's good to hear that my cute little Young Woman are still in good hands! We have met some YSA girls here in Grand Forks who have been really helpful to us. They are both converts to the church within the past 2 years and their testiomonies and stories are incredibly strong. Of course Sister Ransom and I are getting along great still! Still lot's of love and lot's of laughter. We had a less active that we met with this past week show up to Church yesterday so we were excited about that. Not much else exciting has happened recently. This week we are really going to be focused on finding people. We have brainstormed up a few different ideas to reach out and meet people so we will be working on them this week. I loved the picture of Kale and Mia they are too cute! Tell them Hi and that Aunt Nae loves them! Tell Brayden too!!! Tell the 8th period girls that I say Hi as well! and Lei!
  Because of the massive influx in missionaries out here we have to share the car with the Elders. Which means that we get it one week and they get it the other. So we have been walking this week. But we were actually out of town for half of the time so it wasnt tooooo bad. But on Saturday we walked like over 5 miles. that would be when we stopped and got some ice cream..... :)
In the back of the Ensign recently I was reading the church report (or something like that....) and it was talking about how the Lord is hastening is work and how they youth are being prepared to come out and to serve. It's crazy how true that is! there are so many people out here and people that I served with in the MTC who have been prepared by the Lord to share the gospel right now. and I love to see the Youth of the church being strong in their faith. it's incredibly beautiful!
Well I love you guys and miss you guys! but I still know that I am exactly where I need to be! sometime soon I will hopefully be able to send home some picture from the MTC and stuff. Maybe next week. I love this gospel with all of my heart and I am incredibly thankful for such wonderful parents who raised me in it! Love always your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux

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