Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 6

1 month down 17 to go!!!!! Sister Ransom laughed at me when I told her that the other day.
Things here are going good. This past week was actually pretty difficult. Sister Ransom and I have been working as hard as we can and it just felt like everything that could go wrong did. We had literally EVERYTHING that we had planned last Tuesday fall through. but we just kept going. and We both feel like this week will be much better. I got a blessing las Wed from some Elders here and in it Heavenly Father reminded me that he is proud of me and that I will be blessed for how hard we have been working. It was the boost that I needed to keep going :) I also got your package which was fantastic! I loved it :) thank you so much!!!! It came right when I needed it. I also got a letter that Dawnielle had sent to me in the MTC but because I wasn't there for very long it had to get sent to me out here so it took a while to get here. But I got it also on a day when I just needed some encouragment and love. Even though last week was hard there were still good moment in it as well. There were a few different little tender mercies that the Lord sent our way. OH!!! I gave out my first Book of Mormon last week. and the woman was pretty receptive. She says she is super busy but that we are more than welcome to try back with her another time so hopefully something good will come from that. and of course Sister Ransom and I have made sure to laugh along the way because it's me and life is just too short to not have fun along the way. and sometimes you just have to laugh because it's either laugh or cry and crying gives me a headache so I would much rather laugh it out :) But for sure don't worry about me!!!!! things have already started to get better. It's like the scriptures say we are blessed after the trial of our faith. And this past week I feel like the Lord was trying us. He wanted to see if we would keep working even when everything felt like it was falling apart and working against us. And that's exactly what we did :)
This morning during study time I was reading a part of Preach My Gospel on the Book of Mormon and it has you read the end of the last chapter in 2 Nephi and the end of the last chapter in Moroni where both of the prophets talk about how they will be there in the day of judgement and how we will stand face to face with them and at that time we will have to tell them how we used their words (The Book of Mormon) in our lives. Basically that we will be held accountable for how we use the Book of Mormon. and as I was thinking about that I realized that I want to be able to stand before them and tell them that I used it every single day. and that I shared my testimony of it with all of the people that I came in contact with. and that I lived the words found inside of it. and that I didn't just read it because I knew that I should be reading it but that I read it with the purpose of feasting upon it's words and to draw closer to my Savior. As I have been serving I have come to realize just how important the Book of Mormon is. Because if it's true then everything we teach and believe in this Church is also true. :)
I love to hear from you guys and I hope that everything at home continues to go well. As another part of my blessing last week I was blessed that as I continue to serve dilligently that my family will be blessed and kept save back home. and I believe that with all of my heart. So just know that I love you guys and that I am working as hard as I can out here so that you can all be blessed as well!!! because I have like the world's best family I have decided :) I love you with all of my heart!!!! and if later I think of anything that I didn't tell you in here I will write it in a letter and send it off to you guys. Always remember that the church is true! and that I love and miss you! but that I know I am exactly where Heavenly Father needs me to be :)
Love your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux

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