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June 16

June 16

ok so last week I wrote home and was like Hey I have all these things to write about! and then I forgot like half of them. I got home and was like oh man I forgot to write about this and this and this. so I made a list of things and I am going to write home about them this week!

So a week ago Saturday the zone leaders call us and they are talking to Sister Maisey because we are out walking. and she laughs and is like hold on my have to tell her this. So she hands me the phone.  First the elders ask how the weather is in Huron and some other lame small talk and then they tell me about how they were walking down the street in brookings and they saw this lady mowing her lawn. The Elder talking to me was like. "she looked up and Sister Boudreaux it was YOUR face! like she looked just like you!" oh goodness I was laughing pretty good. I was like well I am most defiantly here in Huron! not in brookings mowing a lawn. It was just funny because they kept telling me how this woman looked just like me! I was like Um was that all? The elders were like ya! .... ..... so basically you called to tell me that you found my twin mowing a lawn in brookings? that was the whole reason you called? it was super funny. we laughed pretty good about it. I didn't think til later to tell them that they should have known better than to think it was me. I've never mowed a lawn in my entire life. I don't even know how to turn a lawn mower on. :)

okay so last week we also go to paint with the young woman. It was the first time I have painted literally since the 7th grade. so ya. it was an adventure! :) but I sent the painting to Kale. thought he would enjoy it.
also it rained a ton!! so wed. night at like 8:55 we went out and danced in the rain :) I would sent home pictures but that was also the night that I deleted all of the pictures on my camera........

also they have what they call wheel jam here and it's this big thing where all these semi's and trucks come into town and there is competitions and stuff. They do it at the fair grounds (because Huron is the home of the South Dakota state fair) and so on Saturday morning they have a parade and it's just all of the semi's and trucks driving down the main street. I have never seen anything like it before. Only in Huron :) but I loved it!! Small towns are the best!!!!

okay so now for this week. It has been one of the best weeks that I have had in Huron!!!! not because we found any new investigators, or had any crazy huge miracles but because the Lord was with us. He literally led us through this past week. It was just so great!!!! There were multiple times when we could feel the simple promptings of the spirit leading us where we needed to go. and I know that many of those promptings came because we were doing our very best to be obedient and diligent. More than once we had a simple thought to go somewhere like the Library not really knowing why. We would get there and find someone that we knew who needed help in some simple way. A phone to call someone when theirs had died, help printing off an important paper. simple things but still answers to someone when they were in need. We also go to go out to have dinner with our Bishop and his family out in Wessington Springs. (which is about 45 min. away from here) it was so much fun! they are such an awesome family :) I love them! they make me laugh. Their little girl Hadlee is 4 and she is a character! She always asks if she can come in our car or come to our house. I have started to tell her that only missionaries can go in our car and house. She then asked me at dinner if she could wear my name tag... that way she could be a missionary and come in our car! it made me smile :) She also might have accidentally spilled her glass of water all over me at dinner... oh the adventures of eating next to a 4 year old! :) (I seem to remember another time I had dinner next to a 4 year old who thought it would be funny to stab me in the thigh with a fork during the dinner prayer. Good thing he is now 6 huh so he wouldn't do anything like that anymore :) ) We also go to go with them to music in the park which was fun!

Friday we have co-ordination with our ward mission leader Brother Taylor and we get to have dinner with him after (we take turns one week the elders stay for dinner one we stay) so this was our week and guess what they made!! home made pizza!!!!! oh it was so good!!!! I loved every min. of it!!!! then they have a fire pit in their back yard and we got to make 'smores! so great!!! that night we also got to go watch the Joseph smith prophet of the restoration movie with the Estrada's. it was a good night ;)

We have a young woman in our ward who is a convert of a few years who is getting ready to go on trek this week so we got permission from president Anderson to watch 17 miracles with her to help her better understand why she was going and what had happened to those people. I just love seeing their stories!!! it touches my heart. It's amazing to reflect back on the sacrifices that others have made in our behalf. so that we can believe what we want to believe and we can have the freedoms that we do. Even as I reflect on the scriptures. Think of how many people sacrificed their lives in order for us to have the Bible. the Book of Mormon. how do we show our gratitude for their sacrifice? that is something that I have reflected on again and again. and when I do I always have a stronger desire to read those sacred words and to live what they teach.

Well I am running out of time! It went much faster today than I thought it would!! but I love you all so much!!! oh before I end I just wanted to say Happy Father's day to everyone! I know it's a day late but still. :) yesterday in relief society we were talking about the priesthood and I was able to reflect on the priesthood leaders in my home growing up, my dad and my brothers. you are all such amazing examples to me! I was able to reflect on how you gave me that example of what a priesthood holder should be. and that Dad you especially taught me how a priesthood leader should treat his wife. you have always loved and respected mom so much and that great example has left a very big impact on me!! (I'm sure it's impacted everyone else too :) )

well okay for reals now I have to go!! but I love you!!!!!! thank you for the love and support!! it's felt and appreciated and needed :)

Love always  your favorite sister missionary
Sister Boudreaux

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