Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9

June 9
so the news is in and we did not get transferred! at first it was a little bit hard to take but as we prayed and thought about things I know that it is the right thing :) I have faced a lot of trials here in Huron but I know that after the trials come the blessings right! so this transfer I am searching for the blessings!!! and I know that they will come ;)

so this past week has been crazy and so I hope that I can remember everything that I wanted to write home about! first off I did something really stupid this past week.... I accidently deleted all of the pictures off of my camera..... so ya if you could make sure to keep track of all the pictures I have sent home that would be great! because I no longer have any of them... ya.... it was a little bit of a rough night when that happened... but most of  my favorite pictures were sent home!! so it's all good :)

This past week I feel like I learned a lot about humility and what it takes to be truly humble. I feel like the Lord has been trying to teach my humility for a really long time now but I am just stubborn! what can I say I'm a Boudreaux right :) but as I have begun to notice my pride it's been amazing for to see how the Lord has helped me to overcome it. It hasn't been easy! and I am still working on it every single day. It's an on going process! but something that I learned this past week has been that humility is giving all the credit to God. It's recognizing that we all have gifts and abilities and they are all different. That's the point! but that my abilities are from Heavenly Father. I had to work and earn my testimony of the gospel but I have to remember that they only reason that I have it is because of the Holy Ghost. He taught me and helped me to know of truth. so really my testimony isn't something that makes me better than anyone else. it's a gift from God. He deserves all the credit! so ya humility.

This past week we had Zone training meeting and it was so great! they gave this presentation called the Mormons next door. it's way cool! I don't know if you have ever heard about it but basically it's a 20 min. presentation about members of the LDS faith. it doesn't really cover a lot of doctrine it's purely to help people understand us better as a people. They have a bunch of statistics and things that show how LDS people live longer lives and how we are a happier people and it talks about the welfare system and just all sorts of awesome stuff!! it's cool too because all of the research and findings have been done outside of the church, by non-LDS people. we are thinking about maybe doing the presentation here in Huron! so we will see :)

As part of the meeting they had us each answer 3 questions. they told us to think about the last day in our mission. What did we want to be able to say we had done? what did we want to become? and what did we want others to notice was different about is. As I thought about those questions I thought about the saying in basketball to leave it all on the court. play as hard as you can and leave it on the court. Well that's what I want to do with my mission. I want to leave it all in the field. I want to go home and know that I served as hard as I could and that I left it all here. I don't plan to bring any regrets home with me!

So as far as the work goes our ward mission leader brother taylor has been talking with us a lot about his son-in-law who is not a member of the church. His daughter Marie (who is the primary president in our ward and she is awesome!) married a non-member. so brother taylor is going to ask Tyler (the husband) this week if he will meet with us to take the lessons! so cross your fingers! (and pray!!!!) that he will say yes!!! I know that this transfer here in Huron is going to be amazing!!!!! it's finally warm and people are outside! and there is no snow!!! so how could it not be amazing :)

ok so that is everything that I can remember off the top of my head. but I am sure there was more that I wanted to write about. I am not even sure if all of this makes much sense. but when you have a limited amount of time to write sometimes you just type and don't think as much as you should :) So Dawnielle is an awesome big sister and she sends me uplifting quotes all the time and she sent me one that I have decided to make my new motto this transfer it's from President Uchtdorf it says "our destiny is not determined by the number of times we stumble, but by the number of times we rise up, dust ourselves off, and move forward."

ok so this is a complete rambling mess but I love you! and I hope that this makes sense in some way shape or form. life is good! The Lord is with me. This is His work. we are His children. and He love us.

Love always your favorite sister missionary
Sister Boudreaux

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