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Aug 11 and Aug 18

Aug 11
Hello family!!!!! 
ok so more news. Aprille is for sure getting baptized on Aug. 30th. and it's going to happen in Salt Lake (she's going to do it in her brother-in-laws ward) so!! if you are free that weekend I would HIGHLY encourage you all to go and meet her! I told her that maybe THIS Boudreaux couldn't be there but that I would do all that I could to get some Boudreaux there :) I don't have the address or time yet but once I have it I will let you know! she is seriously such an amazing person. She came to church again yesterday and loved it. She is just soaking up the gospel!! it's so amazing to see. I love it!! missionary work is seriously the most amazing thing EVER!!!! watching others change their lives to be closer to the Savior is such an amazing thing. ah! it's great :)

ok so in more news we found 3 new investigators this past week! they are the children of a recent convert. They just came back to live with their mom. They are a girl who is almost 12 and twin boys who are about to turn 9. They are so excited to learn! They all want to be baptized too! we are working with them slowly just so that they can see how important everything is and really understand what baptism means. It has been really cool to watch their Mom open up about her testimony of the gospel and why she wants her kids to learn about the LDS church. so that was a bright spot in our week!
oh goodness I don't even know what else to write about. Oh! we got a car! well for at least the rest of the transfer (3 weeks) so that was super exciting! we did a sweet we got a car dance on Saturday to celebrate how excited that we were :) there might have been a song that went along with the dance....
I guess I just want to end with my testimony. These past few weeks have been hard. but the Lord has been with me. every single step of the way. We watched the Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration movie the other night with a family and in it Joseph is teasing a man that sometimes the Lord brings us low before He can raise us up. I love that thought. many times the trials and things that we are asked to face in life are there so help us come low. To help us remember just how much we need our Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ. Humility! it's a beautiful thing! but it's not always so easy to become. and it's not really all that fun when you get humbled. but this whole tummy issue has been just that. A way that Heavenly Father has taught be something new about humility. I have had to turn to others and ask for help in ways that I have never had to before on my mission. I have had to listen to the Spirit (and my companion) telling me to rest when all I want to do is go out and work! I have had to be humble enough to pour out my hear to the Lord and know that He will make it alright in the end. I know Heavenly Father knows and loves His children. Yesterday in our Sunday School class we were talking about covenants. There is a man in our ward who is a convert of just over a year. He talked about how he was super nervous right after he got baptized because he didn't feel like he knew as much as all the other men in his Priesthood class. His wise bishop took him aside one day and was talking with him about this. The bishop just reminded him that we are all children of God. and we all get to learn and grow. I love that thought! we are all God's children. and He wants every single one of us to come back to Him. He wants us to be happy. He wants us to learn and grow. He doesn't care if we are baptized when we are 8 years old or 80 years old! as long as we make that special covenant with Him and do all that we can to keep our end of the promise He is pleased. I love this gospel!! so much! and I love all of you :) Thank you for the prayers and the love

Love always your favorite sister missionary
Sister Boudreaux 

aug 18
well. it's been a crazy week. and I don't even know what to write home about.
We got to go to Martin's cove this past week with our investigator Aprille and her husband. It was really nice to get to go out there. they are some of the funniest people ever. I love being around them. They always make me smile! The senior missionaries out at the cove are super awesome too! they took us on a tour of the visitors center and told us all sorts of cool stories and different things. I enjoyed it a lot! 

We also had 3 investigators come to church on Sunday! so that was really good. Aprille came and then PJ and Brayden two of the boys that we are teaching came with their mom as well. The boys told us that they LOVE this church! so that is a good sign :) 

oh goodness I know this is like the lamest email ever but I don't really know what to write home about. my brain is like mush recently. I love you tons and I am excited to see you all too. It's hard but I know it's for the best. 

I love you all dearly!

Love always
Sister Boudreaux 

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