Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July 28 and Aug 4

Aug. 4, 2014

This past week has been a little bit crazy! but good. I might have gotten a little bit more sick... and we might think that it's not allergies... but i will hopefully be going to the doctor soon and it will all get worked out! I got a Priesthood blessing and was blessed that I would recover quickly and get back to proselyting. so that is the plan!!! I might have been stuck inside for a little bit this weekend... and I got super bored! Missionaries not working is never a good thing! :) but sister Bentley was able to work it all out so that she could still get to our appointments. and things are still going really well in our area! so there are blessings all around!!!!

ok as far as a package goes um... no I don't really need a new CTR ring. if I really want one I can get it when I come home. currently I have been told that I have to eat a BRAT diet (Banana's, Rice, Apple Sauce,s and Toast) hopefully that will change soon! (I might have bought some crackers to snack on too) so hopefully I will get it figured out. I am sure there is a simple answer. so I don't know about a package. if you feel the desire to send one that is fine but if not I am okay with that too :) I might actually be sending home some old study journals and things sometime in the next few weeks. 

ok so this past week. We got to see Aprille twice! and her husband sat in on one of our lessons! which is awesome. She is seriously such a great person! I am so glad that I got to meet her and teach her. She was telling us about how she pulled out this huge book of her genealogy that her grandma had given to her and inside were some amazing stories! (she comes from pioneer ancestry but her mom decided not to raise her family in the church. So that is why she is now an investigator and not a life long member) so she starts reading these stories to us. and her however many great grandmother used to go and play with Joseph Smith's little girl! They lived in Far West and inNauvoo. She has an account of them watching the prophet and his brother ride off to Carthage Jail. It was really cool to hear about! She's amazing! She loves the Book of Mormon and we are just so excited to get to keep teaching her. :) 

We had some really great lessons this past week with some less active families as well. We are doing this program called Home Primary. Basically the Primary gives us names of kids who haven't been for a while and we go and teach the Sharing Time lesson to them. It's been a lot of fun! and funny enough I have been teaching quiet a few 5 year olds :) what can I say! they are my people :) I sure do love getting to spend time with them. We have a super awesome ward out here. I seriously love it! Church yesterday was perfect! Exactly what I needed. Don't you just love when you have had a hard week or something and then you get to go to church and BAM! you just get hit with the spirit and you know that everything is going to be just fine. It's like these special messages from Heavenly Father. The peace and comfort that comes as we get to partake of the Sacrament is something that I literally can not live without. There are many times that I tell myself just make it to Sunday!! Sunday is the best day ever because we get to take the Sacrament :) I love it!!! 

I am trying to think if there have been any crazy adventures that we have been on recently. I feel like the major one has just been staying healthy! (sister Bentley got some food poisoning this past week... ya it's been a little crazy around here!) but our ward members and our Sister Training Leader have been taking such good care of us. It's been great. 

I love you all tons and tons! I know this email is super short but I don't really know what else to write about. I was joking with the other sisters that I must have lost like 17 lbs in the past two days! since I can only eat like rice. but hopefully soon I will be back to eating like a normal person. The good news is that it is most like that I am NOT allergic to peanut butter!!!! so I am super excited about that. Not that I am currently allowed to eat it again but I am still excited that there is a possibility that I may someday get to eat it again :) 

Well I love you!!! Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers! they mean so much to me!!!!! 

Love always your favorite Sister Missionary!!
Sister Boudreaux 

July 28, 2014
oh goodness this past week has just flown by! I don't even know what happened! So last monday we packed some and said a lot of goodbye's which were incredibly hard! I miss everyone there already. Huron has a very special place in my heart that is for sure. Then Tuesday we cleaned our car, house, and PACKED! which took forever. then a few last goodbye's Htoo Say Paw was hard. She is the Karen girl who is 13. We are pretty buch BFF's. I might have given her my CTR ring when I left. but she told me to be her friend on facebook when I get home :) so I will for sure be looking her up. Then that night we drove to Brookings. The transfer train was supposed to get there at 8:30. but then didn't get there til 10:30. so then I was like that's okay I can just sleep on the train. eh false! they asked sister maisey and I to drive a car behind them. so ya. it was an adventure! we stopped in Sioux Falls for the night and had 9 sisters staying in 1 apartment. the next morning we woke up at 5:30 and got ready so we could head out by 7. then I rode in the 12 passenger van (aka the train) for the next FOREVER. the first part of the drive, from sioux falls to rapid, I rode with a lot of misisonaries who were on their way home. the second half of my ride from rapid to casper, I rode with a lot of new missionaries! so the two rides were a little bit different. We did stop in Rapid for a little bit and it was like being back home :) I finally got to Casper around 6:30 so pretty much a full 24 hours later :)
ok! so I made it here! and Sister Bentley is awesome! I love her. She is from California (a town just north of LA) and she's great. We actually are only about a month apart in age. and oh my goodness Casper is different than Huron! when we went to church yesterday I was like... there are so many people!!! it was weird. :) and there are 3 church buildings here! crazy! we however don't have a car. but that's okay. that combined with all these weird food allergy things just mean that I can loose weight before I come home :)
ok so our miracle of the week. Her name is Aprille. and she is AMAZING!!! so incredibly prepared for the gospel it's not even funny. So her mom is a less active member of the church but she raised her kids to not like the church. But just recently Aprille's daughter who is 19 joined the church! she lives out in Salt Lake and is actually currently engaged to a return missionary. this past Christmas someone gave Aprille a copy of the Book of Mormon and recently there were just things in her life pointing her to the church. She was a referral from the church headquarters and has been amazing to teach. She is set to be baptized at the end of next month. She came to church yesterday and loved it. Every time we meet with her the spirit is so strong. She is so prepared!!!!! and it's because of the different members of the church that she has interacted with in her life. Today when we left we were even talking about her going to the temple a year from now. like seriously she is so ready!
things are going really well here. I am excited for the new area. funny story. so we live with some members and they are from the Sandy area. The pulled out their old year books and guess who we found? Grandma Hatt!!! :)  I forget sister whitlock's maiden name but she was in the same class as grandma :) also there are like missionaries everywhere here! it's crazy. not like Huron with just us and the Elders. :)
well I guess that is all for now. They still dont' know what I am allergic to. Slowly they just keep eliminating things from my diet. I pretty much just hate food now. Which is sad because you all know me. Food and I used to be bestest friends. but I guess I will finally start living a healthy lifestyle! :) I know that Heavenly Father is watching over us. This past week I had many opportunities to feel the spirit working through me. It's one of my absolute favorite feelings. There really is nothing like it. There are so many lives to touch here and people to help. I am excited to get to it!
Well I love you all dearly. I don't even know what to ask you to sent to me. So far I know for sure that toast with honey on it does not upset my tummy. but I have a lot of honey from Bro. Taylor my ward mission leader in Huron. I guess as I figure out more things to be able to eat I will let you know! but for sure no peanut butter, cheese,. or carbonation. uplifting letters are always nice though. :)

Love you all!!!!!
Love always your favorite sister missionary
Sister Boudreaux 

 look I made home made brownies!!!! from scratch! they were really yummy too. 
 this dog is named burger king. and we are bestest friends
worlds largest pheasant... welcome to huron south dakota!

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