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July 21

oh my goodness this week has been crazy!!! hopefully I will remember everything as I am writing. first off the transfer call came! I am going to Casper, Wyoming. My new companions name is Sister Bently. what is crazy is that Sister Maisey is getting transferred too! she is going to Gillette, Wyoming. They have decided to send a second set of Elders to the area. so we are running around like crazy people packing and cleaning our house and our car and getting everything ready to leave tomorrow. The ward was not too happy to hear that they are loosing their Sisters but we just keep reminding them that transfers are inspired of the Lord! Plus there aren't as many sisters in the mission as there used to be so I think that some areas are shutting down. It was funny though because one of the woman in our ward has been wanting us to teach her husband and he is slowly progressing to the point that he was going to start taking the lessons but he isn't super comfortable with the elders so she was super sad that we are leaving. She joked that she was going to kidnap us and leave us in her basement so that we could teach her husband :) She's like can't you just see it! national news two sister missionaries go missing! we were laughing pretty hard. but all joking aside I feel like her husband will get there someday. I told everyone they will just have to pray for sisters to come back!!!

in other news I found out this past week that I might be allergic to peanut butter. worst thing that I ever did hear. for the past month or so I have been having these really weird feelings and I get sick and I get super tired and just weird stuff but I had no idea what it was so I just pushed through it because eventually it would pass and I would be fine. Well the other night I finally called the mission nurse and she told me that what I was explaining was an allergic reaction. and that the most likely culprit is peanut butter. which peanut butter is basically like my favorite food. I eat it with pretty much everything!!! so now I have to stop :( and I have to keep a journal of what I eat and see how different things make me feel until we can figure out what it is exactly that is causing everything. so it's been a little crazy with all of that happening!

we also had Htoo Say Paw one of the recent converts in our area who went to girls camp this past week. She is 13 and I love her! she's the cutest girl. She always makes me smile. We are pretty much best friends. :) she got sick the morning that she was supposed to leave though so she couldn't leave then. but there was someone else going up to camp a few days later so she got to go with them and stay for 2 nights. it was an adventure figuring everything out! but she went and had a really great time.

Last week in district meeting we were challenged to give away 2 Book of Mormons this past week. Sister Maisey and I really wanted to! but like I said our week was kinda of crazy with just random stuff coming up left and right! but we placed one on Tuesday when we went out contacting and tracting and then on Friday night we found a miracle. We had finished dinner and we were trying to decide what we wanted to go do. We had planned tracting and contacting. We stood outside and felt like we should walk towards one of our recent converts houses. So we went off that way. We walked for a while and none of the houses felt right to tract into. We got to a park and Sister Maisey's like well let's go talk to people at the park. Keep in mind that every time we have gone to this park to contact people the only people we manage to find are people who don't speak English and pre-teens/teenagers. but we decided to go. as we are walking we are almost to the other end of the park when this man says Hello to us. Before I even know what was happening I turned to him and started talking to him. We bore testimony of the restoration and talked to him about the Book of Mormon. He told us that he has been going through a lot of hardship recently and that he was looking to become more religious. He then asked us if we know a certain member of the church. the certain member happened to be our ward mission leader! (who happened to be who we had just had dinner with ) he told us that they were good friends. So he already had a built in fellow shipper! we gave him the Book of Mormon and committed him to read Alma 7 about the Atonement. He told us that he would. As we walked away it was just one of those moments that was so awe inspiring. to know that the Lord hear our prayers and led us right to someone who needed the comfort and support of the Gospel and give us the opportunity to bear testimony to him and introduce him to the message of the restoration. I really hope that when the Elders get here that they can work with our ward mission leader to start teaching his friend!!

oh! so we had zone training meeting this past week too and they church has come out with some pretty cool changes! they have made some adjustments to preach my gospel. There are 5 lessons in preach my gospel that are taught to people. 4 of them were to be taught before baptism and one after. Well they have changed it so that all 5 lessons will be taught before someone can be baptized. Which I think is super helpful. Because lesson 5 is the Law's and Ordinances. So it's where you talk about the Priesthood and Auxiliaries, missionary work. Celestial marriage, service in the church. family history work and the temple. This way teaching people about those things before  they are baptized will help them to see what the real result of them joining the church will be. It's not just to get baptized, it's to be an enduring member. It's to make it to the temple. To have an eternal family. To receive all of the ordinances necessary for us to return to live with Heavenly Father again someday. so that was cool to hear about!

We also talked a lot in Zone training meeting about family history work! which at first a lot of the missionaries were like really? how is that supposed to help us? we have been told that our work(right now as full time missionaries)  is for the living not the dead. But it was super awesome!!!!! we talked about the doctrine behind family history work and about the Spirit of Elijah. there are many people in the world today who are being effected by the spirit of Elijah and they don't even know it! The Spirit of Elijah is what prompts people to want to know more about their ancestors. There are many people out there who do family history work, who want to be connected to their families. but they don't know why. well we do know why!!! they have that desire because families are central to the plan of salvation. Because having an eternal family Is the only way back to Heavenly Father. It's because families are divinely ordained. so as missionaries we need to search for those people who are being affected by the spirit of Elijah and help them to understand why they are having these desires. They also showed a video by president Eyring that was super powerful. In it he talks about our ancestors who are on the other side of the veil and how they are looking to us for help. How we are their hope. at one point he talks about how when we come face to face with them someday we want to be able to have them look at us with a look of happiness and gratitude and not a look of disappointment. But the one part of what he said that really hit me was that we are their hope. We faithful members of the church. the ones who understand the plan of salvation and why we have temples. We that have the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are their hope.

ok. I don't think that I have anything else to write about from this week. like I said things are a little crazy! but I am excited for what is ahead. I know that the Lord is with me always. He reminds me of that day after day after day. Often times I have to tell myself that there are people out there who have things a lot worse than I do! and that there are faithful members of the church who have gone through trials much worse than mine! Especially I  like to consider on the suffering of our Savior as He performed the Atonement. There is a verse in Doctrine and Covenants about it that always hits me. It's when the Prophet Joseph Smith is in liberty jail. The Lord speaks to Joseph about all of these horrible things that could come upon him and that he should know that if they do come that they would be for his good. and then the next verse is the one that always gets me. It says something to the effect of "the Son of Man has descended below it all. Art thou greater than He?" our Savior lived the perfect life. He loves everyone perfectly. and yet he was crucified. He went though so much. More than we can even comprehend. He descended below the depths of Hell. are we greater than He? no. so we will be asked to face hard times. but the beauty of the Atonement is to know that He will be next to us helping us along as we are called to face them. He did it along. and because He did, we don't have to.

well my dear family and friends I had better get going! Lot's to do on this crazy p day! but I love you all so much!!! thank you for the prayers and the love and the support!!!

Love you!!!

Love always your favorite sister missionary
Sister Boudreaux

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