Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 7

I can't believe that it is already time to write home again! It feels like I was just here writing to you all. This past week went by so incredibly fast! Last Monday we went out to DeSmet SD which just so happens to be the home of Laura Ingels Wilder :) We met the Sisters from Brookings there and went and saw some of the different buildings and stuff. I have never read the books or seen the TV show so it wasn't super exciting for me but maybe when I come home I will read them and it will mean more. :) It was fun to spend some time with the other sisters doing something fun. We actually met in DeSmet so that we could go on exchanges. I was in Brookings with Sister Jensen. We came out together so it was really fun to get to be temporary companions. This transfer is actually one of the first times that we have seen each other since we got to the mission field so it was fun to catch up and get to hear each others stories from our different area's and such.

The rest of the week was pretty typical. Lot's of faith filled tracting! :) We may not have found any new investigators recently but it has been a really great experience to get to open our mouths in anyway that we can to testify. In the Book of Mormon it talks about raising a voice of warning! we are doing our best to do that here in Huron. I know that there are people who are ready to receive the gospel here! We are just still searching for them. I know that the work we have been doing is making a positive impact on the community. And there really are tender mercies of the Lord everywhere helping us to know that we are doing His will and His work. As long as we can go to bed at night knowing that we did our best that day that is all that matters!! :)

The 4th of July was tons of fun! so much better than last years :) President gave approval for us to watch the parades and the fireworks! so that gave us a few more things to do in our pretty empty day. Although I do have to say that parades in small towns are NOTHING like the parades back home. The one in Huron was so quiet. like no one yelled anything, no music really. It was a little different. but the big thing out here is the candy. We got to go out to Wessington Springs and watch the parade out there too with the Bishop and his family. Oh my goodness they got SO much candy!! their parade was a little more lively :) they were fun to watch. The next part of the day might have been my favorite part of the 4th. two words. turtle. racing. Everyone in the community catches a turtle and they race them on the 4th of July! The kids race them and they do it in 3 age groups. We named the White's turtle speedy. He did really well. :) we raced for all 3 of the age groups and qualified in each one to race for the grand champion. After the races we drove with the whites out to the lake to set him free back out into the wild :) while we were there we got to talk with a few different people in the community too which was good for the work! After we let speedy go we had dinner and then fireworks! all in all it was a fun day. we got to be out in the community here in Huron and out in Wessington Springs. The more we are seen the better! we also got to visit with a woman in our ward who has been really sick recently. It was good to spend some time with her and just feel the special spirit that she has with her in her home. She has some of the strongest faith of anyone that I have ever met! She is a truly special woman.

Yesterday we were able to show the Mormon's Next Door presentation to our ward. It's the presentation we saw about a month ago in Zone Training Meeting that is all about who we are as LDS people and how what we believe correlates with how we live our lives. It's really cool.  We were going to have one of the Elder's read it with me while Sister Maisey clicked the buttons on the prezi but then the Elder got pretty sick. So I read all 19 pages of it myself! which was okay :) when I got done one of the older men in our ward told me that he wished he could read as well as I can :) it was a very nice complement! We are excited to see how maybe this tool can help our members as they are working to share the gospel with their friends and neighbors.

Other than that I can't think of much else that has happened recently. Things are going good! Life just keeps going forward faster than I would have ever imagined. It was so good to see the pictures of all the grandkids! they are all getting soooo big!!!!! I love and miss them and all of you tons and tons!!! I know that the moment that I get to be with all of you will be an amazing one. and I know that the harder I work now the better that moment will be. Yesterday as I was sitting pondering during the sacrament the spirit just hit me so hard with the fact that my family loves me. I have always known that but they witness I received yesterday was so powerful. I bore my testimony yesterday about how important families are. I know that I would not still be here on my mission if not for the love and support of my family. I know you are all excited for me to come home and I am excited too. but I am so much more excited to get to serve with all of my heart until that day comes. I love you all so much!! I feel your prayers and love!!! You mean more to me than you will ever know!! Thank you again.

Love always your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux
 Happy 4th of July!
Speedy the turtle.

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