Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June 30

Hello! so this past week was kinda of boring. I don't have any super exciting things to send home. But it was good. Well it was a little hard. but still good! the hard weeks seem to be the ones that you learn the most from. and I learned that you just keep going!!! It was actually pretty amazing this past week we have been sharing the scripture from D&C 84:88 with people about how angels are all around us to help us and lift us up. Well this past Friday night I was really having a hard time. I took a few minutes to myself to just pray. and after I finished praying I realized that our Sister Training Leader Sister Jensen was supposed to be calling us. As she did call and talk with us it was amazing to see that she was the angel that Heavenly Father sent to me that day. She was just able to help me talk things through. As we talked I just had the strongest spiritual impression that the reason that I work so hard and keep trying even when I want to quit is because the work that I am doing is true. It's because the Gospel is true. I know that with all of my heart. Is it hard? Ya!!! but is it worth it? YA!!! Life is never going to be easy. It was never designed to be easy. But we always have the choice to be happy. and to learn from things. This morning Sister Maisey and I were talking about things we have learned from our missions. and I just realized that one of the most important things that I have gained from my mission is an itty bitty little taste of what our Savior must have gone through. To understand what it's like to be rejected by people when they really have no idea who I am and what they are really rejecting. to know that the sorrow that I feel for these people and for the world are nothing compared to what He felt. To know that as hard as it is for me to forgive and move on that that is exactly what He did! The world teaches us to be bitter and seek revenge. to make things "fair" well we were never told that it would be that way. But we were promised that all that is unfair about life can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Is it hard to live a life as a dedicated follower of Christ, especially in the world that we live? Ya it is. but it's the only way back to our Father in Heaven. Christ and His example are the ONLY way. There is no other way. Is it hard? of course. it's going to take everything that we have. everything that we are. to make it back there again someday. God askes that we give our whole soul to Him. and He promises that if we do He will give us greater joy than we can ever imagine. I don't want to get to the judgement bar of God and have Him look at me and tell me that I could have become more. that I didn't reach my full potential. That is one of my biggest fears. But as we know we must have faith not fear!!! so I continue to trust in the Lord. I have faith in the pattern of the gospel. Faith that if I strive every single day to do my best that it will all turn out okay in the end. :) I guess that's what I have learned on my mission and just something that has really hit me this past week.

Yesterday we had a cool experience. we had just finished dinner and prayed to know where to go. We had thought about tracting and so we prayed to see if that was the right thing. A less active of ours came to mind but we hadn't really been in to see her for a while. But it felt right! so we went to her apartment. we get there and she is in the shower. so we leave and as we are walking away I am just so confused by this prompting. It was to go and go now! and then we went and she was in the shower? wouldn't the spirit have told us to wait until she get's out? but then as we were walking across the parking lot this lady stops us and is like oh I didn't know there were girl missionaries. Which is actually something I have heard a lot on my mission. so I figure she is just another person who has talked with Elder's in the past sometime. eh wrong! come to find out she is a member! she just moved back to Huron this past week. We were able to go up with her right then and meet her and her boyfriend (who is not a member) it was really cool! she's a cute girl! she joined the church about 8 years ago here in Huron. I am excited to get to know her better. She even invited us over for dinner this weekend! :) Just a tender mercy of the Lord. If we are wiling to listen to the promptings that He sends us  He will lead us to where we need to be when we need to be there. :) so what I learned is don't question! just act :) ( I have learned this lesson a lot as a missionary... it's an important one!! )

well other than that life is pretty much the same old same old. Remember the story about how I fell on my face running last Oct? I still have a really funny looking pink mark on my knee. One of the girls in the ward saw it yesterday when I moved my skirt and she asked what it was. oh ya know I just fall on my face on a regular basis. :) but it does make people smile when I talk to them about it so I guess it all turned out okay :)

That's something else that I have learned about being a missionary and really about life. you have to laugh!! if you can't laugh then you will never make it through. I was talking with Sister Anderson (President Andersons wife) and she just told me she loved how happy I am. I told her that life is too short to be grumpy all the time! she laughed and said that is true!

This week feels like it was the longest week of my mission and yet it went by SO fast! it's crazy. but good things are happening here! and amazing things are coming! I can feel it!!!! I love you all so much!! sorry for a totally random letter. my brain just feels like it's not fully functioning today. hopefully next weeks will be a little bit better :)

LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Love always,
Sister Boudreaux :)

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