Friday, July 19, 2013

July 15

things are going great here in Grand Forks. Not much to really report on. in fact I am sitting here pretty much not remembering anything that I wanted to write home about........ I always thing throughout the week of things that I want to tell you and then I get to the library and it all like flies out of my head.....hmmm..... I guess this past week has been a pretty slow one. but we got to work a lot on our ward mission plan. Which is pretty exciting. We worked with our bishop to write out a plan that the ward could use to help them in their missionary efforts. and we wanted it to be super simple so that people would actually follow it. So it can be explained in 4 basic words. UNITE, PRAY, SERVE, AND INVITE. we wanted the ward to unite with the full time missionaries, pray for missionary experiences, serve in their callings and doing home and visiting teaching, and invite a non member to act and learn more about the church at least once a month. It's simple but we feel that if they ward will take hold of it and really do those four simple things that miracles can come.
OH! I guess I did get a ton of mail this past week and that was super great! I got the cute letter Des sent and I also heard from two of my roommates and Lindsey's Mom :) so that was nice. I love getting letters! it's super fun. Emails are great but getting mail just like makes my day! We get to email only on mondays so it's great to come and sit and read about what is going on at home but when you get a hand written letter during the week it's like a surprise! and a really good boost :) So that was great to get those this past week.
I guess I am just SUPER boring today but I honestly don't know what else to write about..... Brianna Poppe (our golden investigator) is doing well. She is out of town for a week or so but when she gets back we will hopefully help her pick a day in Aug. to get baptized.
The ward here is doing great! they take super great care of us. Their is one family in particular that we just LOVE with all of our hearts. They are the Rose family and they live out on the air force base. They feed us at least 2 times  a month sometimes more. They have a 5 year old boy and girls age 3 and almost 2. then she is pregnant with another little boy who is due in the greatest month ever aka october. They are just sooo great! we love them. Then there are a lot of other families who take care of us too. The grand forks 1st ward loves their sister missionaries!! and we love them!!! :)
the other good news is that I have successfully filled an ENTIRE journal already as a missionary! so someday when I am home you can read it and see what I did EVERY SINGLE DAY! because I haven't missed writing a single day! I am pretty proud of myself on that one because before my mission journal writing was like the bain of my existance...... I want to have journals that someday my children can go back through and read about my mission :) and of course my family when I get home! plus they are pretty entertaining if I do say so myself. they have a lot more of the funny things that have happened on my mission inside of them :)
I guess I have one good spritual experience from last week to share. The other day we were praying and trying to decide what to do and I was sitting their just like waiting for something to come! because we had literally this past week tried EVERY single person we could. Every former investigator, every potential investigator, every current investigator. literally everyone! so we were praying to know what to do with our time. and I was sitting there just waiting for someone or somewhere to come to me(probably not as patiently as I should have been....) when all of a sudden I just felt the words "Be still and know that I am God" It was a great reminder that sometimes to recieve answers and sometimes as we are doing our best the serve the Lord we need to take time to slow down. To know that this is the work of the Lord and it will move forward in His time, in His way. It was a great reminder for me that is for sure!! I felt His love and know that He is with me every single step of the way.
Well I had better go but I love you all dearly!! This church is true!!! and I love serving my Savior in this wonderful labor of love!!! Keep smiling!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux

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