Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8

This past week has been a crazy stressful one but a GREAT one too!! Saturday Kaedyn was baptized and it was an amazing experience for sure! It was great to see someone that I had taught decide to make those special covenants with God. We also had transfer calls this past weekend and great news!!! Sister Ransom and I get to stay here in Grand Forks of for 6 more weeks! Which is a miracle in and of itself. We are literally like the only companionship that isn't training (because I am officially done being trained :) ) that didn't change. We both had been praying really hard that we would get to stay together for one more transfer. Basically I am pretty sure this will be one of if not the best companionships that I will have on my mission. We even had all of our investigators praying that we would get to stay together. :) Because our one miracle investigator Brianna is hopefully getting baptized in the first part of Aug!!! which is right when this new transfer will end. And we both really want to be here for her when that happens. So we were stoked that we get to stay here. Life is basically great here. Stressful but well worth it.
Other than Kaedyn's baptism this past week has just been a typical week for us. We work, sleep, eat, and teach! Just living the dream! But for reals I love being a missionary sooooo much!! Kaedyn's little sister is 7 and her name is Caisey and she is so adorable. But she has been super sad because she doesn't get to be baptized like her big brother yet because she isn't 8.She told her Mom that it wasn't fair because she met with the missionaries too! Basically Chelsea their mom spoke at Kaedyn's baptism and the reason that she made Kaedyn wait and meet with the missionaries is because when he was 8 he couldn't really tell her why he wanted to be baptized and she wanted him to know for sure that it was the right thing to do before he made that covenant with God. So hence our meetings with them! Which were amazing and I have grown to love their family with all of my heart. I am super sad because they are leaving this coming week to move back to Utah while their dad deploys to Korea for a year (they are an Air Force family) So we will miss them dearly! She should hopefully be emailing us pictures from the baptism soon and then I will send them home for everyone to see. Basically I look like a giant because they are all a super short family. Sister Ransom fit in with them perfectly I just look huge :) Anyway I got off subject there for a second. I mentioned Caisey because she bore her testimony in church on Sunday (with help from her Mom) and she was like I am glad Kaedyn could get baptized because he is 8 years old. (her moms like Kaedyn is 9) then she was like oh I am glad Kaedyn could get baptized because he is 9 years old. :) It was the sweetest little testimony I have ever heard! She is adorable and Sister Ransom is super excited because a year from now she will be back home in Utah and will hopefully get to go to Caisey's baptism.
I can't think of anything else exciting to share. the 4th of July was pretty boring. We were going to try and go street contact some with all the towns things that they had going on but we drove over to them and Sister Ransom was like "it looks like Babylon out there!" needless to say we felt the spirit tell us that it wasn't such a great idea. So we took ourselves out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner :) and then we had to go to sleep before the fireworks so basically it was like a way boring day haha :)
I am going to attempt to attach a few photos to this email so you can see at least a bit of the things that I have been talking about for the past few weeks :)
I love you all with ALL OF MY HEART!!!! this church is in fact the true church of Christ on the earth today! stay strong! share your testimonies! and Love the Lord!
Love your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux

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