Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Aug. 12

Hello family!!!
Grand Forks is great :) Brianna is still getting ready to be baptized
on Saturday and I am incredibly excited for it! I am more excited for
it than I have been for anything else my entire mission! In our lesson
with her this past Saturday she had a ton of questions about the
temple and it's exciting to see how her and her husband are already
looking to the temple and the covenants they will be able to make
there a year from now. They are just amazing and I love them with all
of my heart!!!!!

I got the T-shirt from the Priddis's and I LOVE IT!! Tell them THANK
YOU SO MUCH!!!! (I will write to them too and let them know) It fits
great so no worries :) Sister Ransom was like I want one! haha so it
was a good one. I didn't look to find any family names on Mom's side
of the family because they are like all done back to where I can't
find anyone anymore! Dad's side are like just there! waiting to be
done! :) so I guess I am a little lazy you could say. :)

Things here are going good. Still just the same old same old. Sister
Ransom and I have now been together for 17 weeks! we were joking with
one of our less actives the other day and told her that after you
spend 24/7 with a person for that long you either get to the point
where you are BFF's or you want to kill them in their sleep.
Thankfully we have reached the BFF point :) But transfer calls come
this Saturday so we will see if I am going somewhere else or if I will
get to stay in Grand Forks. It's VERY unlikely that Sister Ransom and
I will both get to stay here for another transfer (which is fine we
are finally ready to change) so we will just see which of us get's to
go and which of us get's to stay! Things with the ward are just
continuing to improve! We love the people that we serve and it's been
great to develop some amazing relationships with many of them. We also
have had a bunch of new families flooding into our ward which has been
nice. It's good to get some strong members to help us in the
missionary efforts.

Wow this email is pretty short and boring. This past week wasn't
anything crazy exciting. It was just a typical week. This coming week
should be a little more exciting. There are a lot more things
happening. OH I guess there was some good news from church yesterday!
so there is this part member family where the Husband is the member
but he has been less active recently. He and his wife and her
daughter(who are not members) have been coming to church recently and
we have been trying to set up a time to meet with them but it hasn't
worked. So we invited them to come to our gospel principles class
(which we teach) and they said ok they would come. and then after
class we invited his wife to come with us to relief society. She
decided that she would and sat next to us. It was great because she
totally opened up and we were able to start to develop a good
relationship with her and she told us that she wants us to come and
teach her and her daughter the lessons because they want to be
baptized!!!!! The thing about it that is so amazing is that Sister
Ransom was prompted to invite them to Sunday school and then again to
invite her to relief society. Had she not followed those promptings I
don't think that Amy(the wife) would have felt comfortable enough
around us to tell us those things. Now we have a much better
relationship with her and have a better foundation to build on as we
help her learn about the gospel and come closer to the Savior. What
can I say! we need to listen to our promptings!!!!!!! :)

This past Friday this less active woman we visit asked us if we would
like some old Ensigns because I guess she has been getting them on and
off for years and has this HUGE tote full of them. Some of them
haven't even been opened! so we said sure! and looked through them. We
found the conference addresses when President Howard W Hunter was
sustained as prophet, same with President Hinckly and President
Monson. We also found some super cool ensigns about Joseph Smith, The
Salt Lake Temple, Jesus Christ, and The Book of Mormon. We also have a
bunch of them that have memorials for some of the apostales who have
died. It was great! and it gives us something else that we had study
in the mornings. We already used stories out of them in lessons.

I think that is everything for now! The work is going great! I am
doing great! the Lord has been blessing us and I am just so thankful
for that! I hope everything is going good at home! I love you and miss
you and pray for you always!!!!!

Love your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux :)

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