Monday, August 19, 2013

Aug 19

So the news is in! and I am staying here in grand forks! but sister
ransom is leaving :( She is heading to Huron,South Dakota (which is
basically the middle of no where.....) And I will be training a new
missionary! which is exciting but also slightly terrifying! Like if I
am not a good trainer I could mess this girl up for the rest of
forever! it's a lot of responsibility... Sister Ransom keeps telling
me that I will do fine but it's going to be a new adventure that is
for sure! I don't know who my new companion will be yet because she is
flying into the mission today! then tonight President Anderson will
interview all of the new missionaries and assign them to a trainer! so
next week I will write home and tell you all about her! Sister Ransom
and I are super sad that she is leaving. We cried and cried Friday
night when the call came. I joked around and told her that we should
call President back and tell him that as much as we appriecated his
offer we would like to decline. :) of course we didn't! We knew that
our companionship had to end soon but it's still bitter sweet! But I
know for me to learn and grow more I need to have a new companion. So
here goes nothing!

The baptism was AMAZING!!!!!! The Elder's who serve in the second ward
came and they and sister ransom said it was the best baptism they have
ever been to. Brandon (the husband) had his entire family come into
town to support Brianna because none of her family would come.
Brandon's sister Amanda sang the song Savior, Redeemer of my soul. It
was beautiful! Then his parents gave the talks on baptism and the gift
of the Holy Ghost. It was just such a wonderful service because it was
all focused on how baptism was just the first step to them being
sealed together in the temple a year from now. Brandon's Mom at the
end of her talk just said that she was so excited for the day when
Brianna would become a part of their eternal family. And his Dad
started to choke up at the end of his talk which got all of us crying
too! Then the baptism itself was just so wonderful! Brandon got to
baptize her and after as they were standing in the font he just gave
her this hug and you could just tell how happy they both were. Sister
Ransom and I got to stand on the side of the font and watch so we got
to give her a hug as she came back up before she got dressed. We were
all 3 just crying! It is one of those days that I will NEVER forget as
a missionary.

Oh other than that I don't even know what else to write about! Life is
crazy :) this past week has kept us  on our toes for sure! As I was
sitting at the baptism I just had this overwhelming feeling that that
moment, sitting there with Brianna, that was why I decided to come on
a mission. That was why I left my schooling, my home, my family, and
my friends for 18 months. So that I could see other people enjoying
the same blessings and happiness that I have had in my life through
the gospel.  Serving the Lord is the greatest blessing ever!!! It's
the hardest thing I have ever done without a doubt but I have had some
of the happiest times out here on my mission!!!

I am crazy excited to hear that I will be having another niece! And
they both will be the perfect spoiling age when I get home :) Glad to
hear that no one has yet to forget about the coolest  aunt (aka me) :)
Humility is still a Christ like attribute that I am working on :) But
really it's great to hear from everyone each week! Even when they are
just short e-mails they make my day! And I love to see the pictures
that you send! They always make me smile. Speaking of pictures! I am
hoping to send pictures from Kaedyn's baptism and Brianna's baptism :)
plus maybe some random other ones too. We had had a few great
adventures recently that of course we documented!

Life is good here :) I am happy to get to stay in Grand Forks! The
work here is just starting to take off and I am glad that I will get
to help it! I love the people that I get to serve with all of my
heart. I also love all of the wonderful people at home with all of my
heart as well!!!!!! You are in my prayers always. Thanks for the love
and support!

Love your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux

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