Saturday, September 7, 2013

Aug 26

Well another week has come and gone and here is my wonderful e-mail
home! So my new companions name is Sister Arrington. She is from
Wadsworth, Nevada which is like 30 miles east of Reno. She grew up on
an Indian Reservation but she looks white. :) She is 1/3 Native
American. Her grandfather was a full blooded Native American. She is
quiet so I am working on the balance of talking and making myself stop
so she can speak :) it's good though. The ward here is continuing to
do well. We now have 3 ward missionaries to work with so we are super
excited for that! and two of them are the Poppe's!!!! (Brianna and
Brandon) so we are stoked about that.

last May sister ransom and I started to teach a woman named Stacey I
do believe I wrote home and told you guys about her. But then her life
got crazy and she was NEVER around over the summer. Like literally she
spent half of her summer in Montana with her husband and traveling
everywhere else. BUT this past week we were able to finally have a
lesson with her! and we have another appointment this week and we are
hoping that we will be able to get her on date for baptism for the end
of september. She is so prepared!!!! and she told us that over the
summer then went to church a little here and there in Montana and that
they had read some from the Book of Mormon. Her little girl Frankie
who is 4 LOVES church and wants her to read the Book of Mormon with
her so that's super great!!! When I first met Stacey I just felt like
she was someone who was prepared for the gospel but they timing just
wasn't right then. But I am praying it is the right time now! I want
to see her be baptized!

Other than Stacey we have dropped a lot of our investigators so this
week we are going to work really hard to find some more people to
teach! It should be a crazy but great week :) This past week has in
fact been crazy. It's like out of no where like 5 different people
last week decided to UNLOAD all of their life problems on us.... like
I must just give off some kind of vibe that just makes people want to
tell me things that they don't talk to ANYONE else about. It's been
weird. some times I just want to be like.. um... maybe the bishop
would be a better person to tell these things to.... Maybe it's just a
missionary thing! people see us as religious people and decide that we
are safe to tell all their life problems to! I don't know it's just
been strange! like what do these people want me to do about them? I am
a 20 year old girl!!!! but the gospel of Christ does change people so
we just keep teaching about the Atonement! I may not be able to fix
their problems but I guess I can direct them to the person who can :)

Well I think that is everything I have for this week :) I love you all
and am thankful for all of the wonderful support!!! Mom that is super
exciting that you got out of cub scouts and now get to teach primary.
They gave you the perfect age! :) And Dad fundementals was totally one
of my favorite classes so I am sure that will be fun to teach. Tell
everyone back home I am doing wonderful and that I say Hello! I LOVE

Love your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux

p.s. I want tons of pictures of the new baby once she get's here!!!! I
am super duper excited!! Their are a bunch of cute pregnant woman in
our ward here and I just get so excited when I think of my two new
nieces!!! :) Make sure you give her a kiss from her favorite Aunt
nae!!! :)

pps this picture is Sister Ransom Jerris and I last week right before
sister Ransom got transfered!!!


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