Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sept 3

Sorry about the mix up last week with you not getting the email!
that's super weird.... because I forward my family email on to Lindsey
and Craig and Craig responded back from it so I know that they got it!
strange... oh well! But I am totally fine! sorry this weeks letter is
on tuesday because the Library is closed on labor day.

I always feel like I have a billion things that I want to write home
about and then when I get to the library I can't think of any of

OH! I did get the package! I loved it thank you!!! the Peanut Butter
M&M's are always appreciated :) and the music is great! we have been
listening to it a ton! we are finally getting settled in as a new
companionship and things have been going well! This past week we were
able to find 5 new investigators!!!!!!! which is pretty exciting! and
not like 5 eh... investigators but 5 people who we really feel like
will listen to the gospel and hopefully accept it!! so we are super
stoked about that.

So last wed. we were supposed to have a meeting with Stacey and we got
there and her son told us that she was asleep...... so we were like
um... ok... so we left and felt super discouraged. but then thursday
night we had a little bit of time before our co-ordination meeting
with our ward mission leader brother brooksby and so we stopped by just
to see if she was home and she totally was! so we were able to have a
lesson with her that went super well. We shared the plan of salvation
and talked about how her family could be together forever. It was
super special and I think she was really touched. She had been to a
temple open house years about and had also seen her nieces and nephews
be baptized so she had questions about both of those things. We
invited her to be baptized and she didn't get a yes! but just had a
bunch of questions about how it happened. So she has been thinking
about it a lot!!! they are really good signs that she is ready for
baptism!!!! we have another appointment with her tomorrow and I am
super excited for it. A member of our ward just moved in next door to
her (she lives on campus in the family housing while she is going to
law school) so we asked the wife of the family from our ward to come
with us to our appointment. We are teaching the gospel of Christ which
is basically the 4th article of faith and hopefully after we go over
all of that with her we will be able to re-invite her to baptism and
get her on date for some time either at the end of this month or early

We also have started to teach a girl named Dakota who is a senior in
high school right now. We brought two of the laurels from the ward
with us to her lesson last night and it went super well! We set a
return appointment with her for later this week and I am excited to
get to keep teaching her. She is natvie american and grew up catholic.
She's had a pretty rough life so far and I really just feel like the
gospel could really help her and give her the comfort and strength
that she needs. It was awesome to get to bring the girls from the ward
along too because they were able to invite her to young womans on wed.
and she said that she would love to come! so hopefully she will go!!
We started out teaching her Dad but he hasn't really been progressing
but ever since I met Dakota I have wanted to teach her! so when the
opportunity finally presented itself I got up the courage to ask her
if we could meet with her! and she said yes! so hopefully it will
continue to go well!

I don't really know what else to write about. yesterday was super fun
we got to go play volleyball with the elders and a bunch of the young
single adults from our ward. two of our less actives even came and
played! it was great :) if you ever see pictures of me tagged on
instagram the are from jerris. I think she posted one yesterday of a
few of us when we went out to lunch after.

This week will hopefully be a good one! can you believe that today is
my 5 month mark?! that's right my bright smiling face has been away
from home for 5 whole months now!!!!! crazy! time has gone waaaaaaay
too fast! I only have 13 months left! a year from now I will be
getting ready to go home! i dont like to think about it...

Life is good here in grand forks. I still love the people. I still
love to serve. and I think my love for teaching just grows stronger
and stronger every day. The other day I received a blessing (I had
been denying that I needed one because I was totally fine and then one
night we were feeling super lost about what we should do and so I
called my sister training leader who suggested that I get a
blessing.... so I listened to her wise counsel and got one) anyway so
I got a blessing( but don't worry I am doing great!!! I think Heavenly
Father just has some things he needed to tell me and I was just being
stubborn.... so he created a situation for me to get one :) ) and in
it it talked about how my trails I am facing are so the Lord can mold
me. And that my mission is preparing me for the rest of my life. It
was just super comforting to know that the trials that we face in life
always have a meaning to them. and that if we turn to the Lord during
the difficult times He can use our trials to mold us into the people
that He wants us to be. The potential that we have inside each and
every one of us will never be reached in it's full if we try and do it
on our own. If we want to reach our full potential we must put
ourselves in the Lord's hands and let him mold us into something
amazing. It was just a very comforting blessing and gave me a lot of
good guidance and counsel :) The priesthood is just amazing!!!! I am
so thankful for it in my life.

Well I think that is all I have for now. I love you all oodles and
oodles!!! this gospel is true! I know it with all of my heart. I can't
deny the amazing miracles that I have seen in my life and in the lives
of the people that I have come in contact with. Jesus Christ is our
Savior and our Redeemer and I know He knows all of us and cares for us
dearly!! Keep strong!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Love your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux

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