Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sept 16

I love the pictures of baby Brighton!!! she is BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so
excited for a year from now when I will get to see her :) she will be
at the perfect age to start learning to say Aunt Nae :)

This past week has been crazy! but good :) We had majority of our
appointments fall through (typical) but we had set a faith filled goal
to teach 14 lessons! and we saw many little miracles as random people
we tracted into allowed us into their homes and we were able to teach
the restoration to them. They didn't want us to come back so they
didn't become new investigators but it was amazing that they even let
us in, in the first place! The Lord blessed us to teach 13 lessons
which wasn't quite our goal but was still a great accomplishment. Yes
maybe all our appointments cancelled but the Lord reach out in love
and helped us to still have a successful week. We also were able to
introduce many different people to the gospel! Which is a great thing!
Ya they didn't run jumping into the baptismal font but now they have
at least the start of an understanding about what the LDS church
believes in :) so that was good!

We also had zone conferences and we had Elder Snow who is a member of
the quorum of the 70 come and speak to us! it was AMAZING!!!! so cool
:) It ended up being half of our mission who came to Fargo to see him.
I will send home the picture that they took of all of us with
President and Sister Anderson and Elder and Sister Snow. (I look
really tall in the picture! it was a good self esteem boost haha) The
whole conference talked a lot about how we should use members more in
our missionary efforts and what some good ways to do that are.
Something that Sister Arrington and I have started to do is that
instead of asking members "who do you know that could benefit from
this message of the gospel" (because people are super annoying and
always answer well everyone could use the gospel! not the answer we
were looking for....) so we have changed our question! now we are
asking members who they are working with to share the gospel, who
knows that they are a member of the church? Because let's be honest if
we all take a good look at our lives we can think of friends,
co-workers, neighbors, etc who ya maybe they aren't our best friends
but they are people that we interact with who know that we are LDS! We
can all think of someone we have talked to about the gospel. So our
new motivation is to help members continue to share the gospel with
these people. Sometimes the next step is for their friends to meet
with the missionaries! and sometimes it's just to introduce them to, or invite them to a church activity. but there are PLENTY
of little things that we can do to share the gospel. We have two
families in our ward already who have committed to giving a copy of
the proclamation to the family to their friends! We are excited to
help the ward share the gospel!!!

Other than that I don't really know what else to write about. It's
crazy that this is the start of week 5 of this transfer!!!!! I feel
like it just started and it's almost over! CRAZY!! :) Well I love you
all and I know that this gospel is true! Don't ever doubt it!!! (that
I love you or that the gospel is true... both are very important!!! )
Don't forget your crazy daughter/sister/aunt/friend DENAE!!!!!!
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

love your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux

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