Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Aug 5

Hello everyone!
Things are still going good here in Grand Forks for Sister Ransom and I. We have about two weeks left in this transfer and so we are doing everything we can to have great success and make tons more great memories in these next two weeks. Brianna Poppe is still doing amazing! She is the most prepared person I have ever met. We have really developed a strong bond with her and her husband and I can't wait for a year from now when they can go into the temple and be sealed together for time and all eternity. They are just amazing!!!!
We had some super sad news this past weekend that an Elder serving in our mission passed away from some heart problems. It has been super sad but I know that the Lord is watching over his family and that he is continuing his service in the spirit world.
We also had a crazy trip down to Fargo last week because one of the sisters there is going home :( she has been sick and has some other things going on so she is leaving tomorrow. Basically this e-mail is getting like super duper depressing. sorry!!
On a happier note I have officially survived 4 months in the mission field!!!!!!! Crazy to think that I have been gone for 4 months right?! I feel like I just started my mission! time flies out here. Before I know it I will be hitting my 6 month mark and then my year mark and then I will be on my way home! it's just super duper strange.... But I am loving it! more than I could have ever imagined. Things have been hard but it's so worth it. I have had so much fun as a missionary! I am pretty sure that we have like a laughing fit every single day. it's good times :)
I don't really know what else to write today. I am super boring. Things are just the same old same old. Oh I know! so this past week sister ransom and I set a goal to teach 14 lessons. (which may not seem like very many but it is for us! we work incredibly hard for every single lesson.) so we set a faith filled goal that we would make it to 14. by Friday night we were at 9. so going into Saturday we needed to have 5 lessons. We had 2 appointments set. So We worked and worked all day and it was getting to be later in the afternoon and we still hadn't found anyone. Finally we were out tracting and this girl let us in and we taught her the restoration. one down two more to find. Then we called one of our less actives and asked if she would be home and if we could stop by and see her. She said yes. two down one more to go. We went to one of our appointments and as we came out sister ransom told me to call a different less active and see if she would be home (we had like an hour of time to fill) she was and said we could stop by!!! so we ended up finding all 5 of the lessons that we needed!!!! It was just another testimony builder that this truly is the Lords work and if we will set faith filled goals and work to do everything that we can He will help us. It was a great day that's for sure :)
um... that's about all I can think of right now. we played basketball and volleyball this morning with some Young single adult guys from the ward and the elders and jerris (the most amazing recent convert who I seem to write about a lot... so hopefully you remember who she is) if you ever see random pictures of me on instagram those are from Jerris :)
oh I was doing some family history the other day and found A BAZILLION names that are ready to have temple work done. If you follow the Powers line to the Pendegrass family starting with John Pendegrass there is temple work to do. and if you follow the Boudreaux line until you find Eliza Burns and go to her parents following the Romero line there are TONS of names ready for the temple. and if Mom and Dad don't want to do all of those names then I suggest that everyone else get going on them as well. That's why we have such a HUGE temple worthy family right?!! Be a missionary!! do family history work!!! these people are just sitting on the other side of the veil WAITING for us to find their names and take them to the temple! so do it!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Oh I have also started to think about things you could send me for my birthday :) (why yes even as a missionary I have started to count down the days. What can I say I just want to make sure that none of you guys forget!! :) ) Some new undershirts (maybe some cute fun colors! the ones from the shade store fit the best) if you find any cute cheap flats (or if you just want me to buy them myself and just put the money on my card that works too) also my skirts are already starting to wear out. so if you find any cheap cute long flowy skirts send them my way! maxi skirts are actually allowed here in our mission too as long as they aren't too tight. If you find any of the cute ear warmer head band things those are also super nice when it is cold out. oh! and Mom will you make me a cute calendar from Oct to Oct with family pictures and stuff? they are allowed! I found out :) and from Oct to oct will by the last year of my mission. I think that is all I can think of for now. If I think of anything else I will let you know :) those are just some ideas! You don't have to get me like EVERYTHING I just thought I would let you know what would be useful to me. Of course a bag of peanut butter M&M's are never turned away either :)
Well I love you all! and miss you all! I love to hear about what is going on in your lives and I love to see pictures! I forgot my camera this week otherwise I would send some more fun pictures home from this past week. Life is great here in Grand Forks and I still love being a missionary more than anything in the world! This gospel is true! I am so thankful for the loving friends, family, and ward family, I have back home who offer me such great support! Thanks for all the prayers! I pray for you too and know that as I faithfully serve the Lord will bless you as well. :) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
Love your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux

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