Thursday, November 28, 2013


Hello my dear family and friends!
This week has been a good one! we were able to get in with a lot of
less active families and talk with them and set return appointments
for this coming week. We don't have a ton of investigators to work
with currently but I feel like if we work with the people the Lord has
blessed us with then He will bless us with more! So we just keep
working hard and search for the elect!

So while I am thinking about it I wanted to write home about
Christmas. I was thinking the other day and I would really like a new
set of scriptures for Christmas and a case to put them in. The ones I
brought out with me are getting to be super sad looking! in fact the
other day a less active made a comment about how "well used" they
looked..... so ya I think it might be time for a new set! also the
only other thing that I could think of is a second pair of boots for
when the winter really hits. other than that I am not too picky! oh
and mom in our mission because it does get so cold we are allowed to
have skirts that go all the way to our feet they just can't be too
tight. So they can't show the curves of our bodies. and yes I did like
the one you sent for my birthday! it was super cute :)

I always feel like through out the week I think of so many things to
write home about and then I get here to write home and the all flee
from my mind!

The ward here in Rapid is great! We have some really great people. A
lot of them are working hard to share the gospel! so that is exciting!
We are going to have Thanksgiving dinner with the Porter family who
are amazing! Sister Porter is the interpreter in the ward here so her
and Sister Haskell have been close since she got here (which was only
6 weeks before me. We are both pretty new to the area) So that should
be tons of fun! super excited for that. I guess this was the year to
miss thanksgiving right! :) in all honestly holidays as a missionary
are just like regular days. well for the most part. oh! Sister
Arrington wrote me this morning and told me that Jadyn has decided to
get baptized in March when she turns 18!!!!! that was super exciting
news! I wish I could be there for it :( but I am super sooooo
excited!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love that girl so much!

So this past few days I had a pretty interesting experience. the past
few days I have just had these weird feelings and I haven't been able
to figure out what they mean. it's almost like when you are trying to
take a deep breath but can't get enough air. but in a spiritual sense.
and to go along with them I have been having super weird dreams. like
crazy weird. The other night I had a dream where my heart was just
pounding! when I woke up I couldn't decided if my heart really had
been or not because it felt so real. and then I had a dream where I
was awake and talking with Sister Haskell and i looked in the mirror
and I had just been crying and crying because I had mascara all over
my face. and I even had one where I was at a basketball tournament
with Dad and Des and for some reason me and Des got in this huge
fight! (not sure why. but I sill love her!!!! of course) anyways they
were just strange strange dreams and these weird feelings and I was
trying to figure out what on earth they meant. So yesterday after
church and lunch we were trying to figure out where to go and what to
do and this feeling hit me again. So I sat down took a few deep
breaths and prayed. and the thought came to mind to ask for a
blessing. Which I hadn't really thought about because these feelings
hadn't been happening like non-stop or anything and for the most part
I was doing well. Emotionally i had been totally fine. So I wasn't
sure about what to do . So I decided to ask Sister Haskell about it
and she suggested a blessing too. So we talked with the Elders and
they agreed to meet us later that night. So we talked to them and they
just asked a few questions to better understand it and they one Elder
was like so you need some spiritual tums :) pretty much!! but then
they gave me a blessing at it was so amazing!!! In it Heavenly Father
told me that it was a good thing for me to come to him at that time
for that blessing. (which made me feel better about asking for it) and
in it talked about how the adversary had been trying to get at me. it
blessed me with an increase of the spirit. It told me that I was a
very special daughter of Heavenly Father and that I was a sister of
faith. And that as I use my faith to overcome Satan I would also be
able to see many miracles. It also blessed me here in my area. It
blessed me to be an example of the Savior in my words and actions
(which was a good reminder because some times the way I speak is a
little iffy... slang terms just pop out of my mouth sometimes! :) )
All in all it was a really cool experience. and I was very thankful
for the Elders who were worth priesthood holders who were able to
administer it to me.

on a side note I asked these same elders if they play basketball on
p-day (which they do!!!) so I invited myself to go play haha so later
today we should hopefully get to go and play with the Elders! I am
super pumped! one of the Elders was a little skeptical of letting me
play but I was like come on. I am not a typical sister okay! I can in
fact dribble and shoot a basketball. so I will have to let you know
how that goes in my email next week.

well I can't think of anything else to write home about. I am doing
well! life is good! I love serving the Lord. my companion just hit her
half way mark and she was like no!!! I can't be on the downward slope
yet! I am still living in denial of the fact that my mission will ever
end..... I love it too much! but I love all of you back home too!!
Thank you for your prayers! they are felt!!!!! and appreciated!!!
oh!!!! I almost forgot. yesterday at the end of sacrament meeting the
stake president stood up and asked all of the members to start praying
every day for a temple here in Rapid City!!!! and asked them all to
start preparing for a temple!!!!!! and then of course right after he
said that I was the person who was asked to give the closing prayer in
sacrament... no pressure! :) so I prayed everyone could have
missionary experiences and that if it be the will of the Lord there
will be a temple here.  we were crazy excited!!!!!!! so every day we
now pray that they can get one! it would be such a blessing to the
members here. and if they did get one then it would be a great reason
to come back and visit my mission :) well I already plan on coming
back of course. there are way too many people who hold very special
places in my heart to not!!

well I am starting to ramble about how knows what so I guess it's time
to end for this week. I love you all dearly! This gospel is true! I
know it with all of my heart!!!!!!

Love always your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux
aka Denae :)
p.s. the elder who gave me my blessing had to practice saying my name
like 4 times to get it right before he gave me the blessing. but I get
told all the time that people think my name is pretty! :)

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