Monday, November 18, 2013

Nov 18

Hello my dear family and friends!!!
Well I made it! :) So monday and the start of tuesday I was packing
and saying goodbyes!
Then Tuesday night we went down to fargo and from there I drove to
Bismark for the night. The next morning we got up early and drove the
rest of the way to Rapid City! It was a crazy few days but I made it
safe and sound!

oh goodness I love it here so much already! it's an amazing place to
serve! We get to go to the mission office to pick up our mail everyday
and we get to see all the cute office couples! I love them all they
are super funny. It's like having 3 extra sets of grandparents here.
They always call Sister Anderson our mission mom and the senior
couples are our mission grandma's and grandpa's :) We also got to go
this past friday to the mission home and help Sister Anderson as she
but ribbons on everyones Christmas presents. They took all the
pamphlets that we use as missionaries and had them bound into this
cute little book! I am super excited about it. We won't get ours until
our own zone conference which is in a week and we are supposed to keep
them a secret until then :) But it was tons of fun to get to spend
sometime with the other sisters who serve here and with Sister
Anderson in the mission home.

It's way different here though because all of a sudden we are sharing
our ward with Elders! and not just any Elders but the Assistants to
the President.(no pressure) One of them is Elder Cunningham who serve
in Fargo for 2 transfers when I was there so I know him pretty well.
He is awesome. And the other one is Elder Edwards and he is pretty
funny too. I am excited to get to serve with them. There are also 8
sets of missionaries who serve here in Rapid!!!! which is crazy!!! in
Grand Forks for the first 6 months I was there, the only missionaries
were us and the Elders and we covered different wards. then the last
transfer I was there the put a second set of Elders in the other ward.
(which was super weird to see 4 Elders together all the time)  Now
it's like I see missionaries everywhere! but rapid is different too
because they have 4 wards and grand forks only had 2. My bishop of my
ward here is Bishop McLaws and he is hilarious! We had dinner with his
family last night and they are super funny :)

As far as missionary work goes we found a new investigator on Friday!
so what was exciting. She is the daughter of a less active woman in
the ward who is working to come back to church. I guess she had been
listening to the missionaries visits with her mom for a while so
Friday I was like let's just ask her if she wants to learn more! so we
did and she said yes!!! so that was good. Plus we have a ton of less
active members and part member families to try so we are excited to
get out and get working! There is a lot of good potential in the area.
So here goes nothing!!!

Also I LOVE Sister Haskell! she is awesome. She is hard of hearing so
it's a little bit different of a companionship than my other ones but
different in a good way. The other night we did all of our planning in
ASL. I was a little nervous but it went really well!! There is also a
deaf man in the ward here and a woman who is an interpreter so
yesterday during church we sat up front and watched her sign. It was
amazing! The other night when we planned in ASL I prayed in ASL for
the first time ever!! it was really special. The spirit is still there
so strong. It's just beautiful to know that even if I didn't actually
say the words out loud I know that Heavenly Father understood what I
was trying to say. We get to do language study every day too and so we
are working on bearing our testimonies in sign language! There is a
deaf woman that they had been teaching and we hope that we can still
get in to see her and teach her too! So I want to be ready when we

OH goodness I don't know if there is anything else to write about. I
feel like that is everything that has happened so far. It's much
different but great at the same time. I loved serving in Grand Forks
and I feel like I will love serving here too! I am happy  and healthy.
Things are going well! my new apartment is in the basement of a member
and it's super cool. I took a few pictures this morning and hopefully
I will be able to send them home so you can see them. They have huge
tree trunks in the rooms like pillars. it's super nice. It felt like
home the second I walked in :) Oh other exciting news! I got to see
Sister Ransom too! so that was fun. ok well I think that is all for
now. Life is good! I love you all!!!! hopefully I don't log off and
then think of a bunch of stuff that I wanted to write home about :)


love always your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux

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