Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nov 12

with sister hobson and charity!
 at the baptism!

 Jerris and me!!!

me with Jerris and Christine
 Me with the Rose children! (love their family!!!)
Us with Stacie Tyler and their family!

Hello dear family!
The news is in and I have officially been transferred to Rapid City,
SD!!!!!! I am super duper excited!!!! Not that I don't love Grand
Forks but to be honest I am ready for a change. :) My new companions
name is Sister Haskell. She is hard of hearing and knows ASL!!! she
has a cochlear implant though so she can hear. But still I am super
excited to get to practice my signing skills!!! Also Sister Ransom got
transferred to Rapid too! so we will get to see one another. I will
get on the transfer train (the big 15 passenger van they use for
transfers... well they actually use 2 of them... so many
missionaries!) I get on at 5:30 tonight and I will hopefully be in
rapid tomorrow! That was my exciting news.
The next piece of exciting news is that Stacie and Tyler got baptized
on Saturday!!! they might have shown up 20 min late to their own
baptism but hey! they were there :) then Sunday we were waiting for
them to get to church and we texted her just to see if they were
coming. And she was like sorry I was in the ER this morning for a
breathing treatment because I have been so sick! what?! ya! crazy. but
they made it! Thankfully the opening song was master the tempest is
raging, which is forever and a day long :) they showed up right as we
started the last verse. At the baptism Stacie's mother in law spoke,
who is a very active member of the church and she just said that this
day was an answer to many, many prayers. Stacie's husband also shared
a few words and he talked about how he hasn't been the best Mormon but
that he knows that this church is true. I really hope that through
Stacie and Tyler's example he will be able to become really active
again. I just love them so much! Saying goodbye last night was hard!
but they have family in Rapid and should be visiting there at
Christmas time so maybe I will get to see them!
I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting on Sunday (we had stake
conference the first weekend) and as I was walking up Jadyn turned to
Sister Deem and told her that this wasn't going to be good news and
she looked down at the floor. When sister deem told me that it made my
heart hurt! of course I told the ward I had been transferred. I will
be super super sad to leave Jadyn! she is just an amazing girl. She is
having a little bit of a hard time because her family doesn't
understand why she is learning about a new religion. They just aren't
ready right now to hear it themselves. But she is progressing so well!
she comes to everything! Yesterday we played volleyball with the
Elders and jerris and some other people and she totally came and
played! it was way fun. Then we wanted to have a lesson with her this
week and she wanted to do it before I left. So we are meeting with her
this afternoon before I leave. She will be the last person that I
teach here in Grand Forks!.
Another random side note. Our car got hit on Sunday. So that has been
a real joy to figure. out. It snowed and the roads got icy and someone
slid into it and hit it when it was parked out on the street. We came
out from our dinner appointment and found it. Thankfully the left a
note and it should all get taken care of pretty easily. But I was
like, seriously! I am leaving in two days I don't have time for this!
:) but it will all turn out okay I am sure :)
oh!!!!! so the other day we were doing family history work and I found
something crazy! I was looking into great grandpa Boudreaux's family
because for some reason I just always feel drawn to him. and I could
never figure out why. But then I was looking at some census records
and on two of the records it lists that he has an older sister. But
she is NO WHERE to be found on our family tree. I can't find mention
of her anywhere besides on those two records. so we need to do some
sleuthing family!!! we have to find her!!!!! she is listed as Lily or
Lillian I am pretty sure. it says she was born in Tennessee. but that
is about it. and she is 12 on one of the census record and 22 on the
other so it's not like she dies as a child or anything like that. I
just thought I would share that with you :)
oh goodness I feel like so much has happened in the past week but I
don't even know what to write about. my brain is like mush. somehow I
have managed to get all of my stuff into my suitcases though! don't
ask me how because I have a WHOLE lot more stuff than I did when I got
to grand forks 7.5 months ago but some how I did it!!!
Well I love you all dearly! This work really is true. The Lord loves
us all. He is always there for us with his hands out stretched all we
have to do is turn to Him. This Church is TRUE! I know it with all of
my heart. I LOVE YOU!!!!
Love always your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux

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