Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dec 23

 AHH!!!  I can't believe that I get to talk to you in two days! I am
super duper excited. It didn't really  hit me until church yesterday
and I was sitting there and the thought just like hit me. so ya I am
super excited. oh just heads up we will need to talk real fast on wed
about my scholarship because they sent me the wrong paper work so mom
I will need you to get the right ones sent to me.

So this past week has been a bit crazy. But I feel like I say that
every week now. Rapid is a great place to serve but it is a whole lot
different than Grand Forks! This past week we have been focusing on
working better with our members and it has been going really well. We
have a meal co-ordinator in our ward who makes sure our meal calendar
get's filled and so we have dinner pretty much every night which is a
great opportunity to talk with the members about their missionary
efforts. So far we haven't gotten any referrals for non-members but
they have talked with us a lot about less active memebers we could go
visit. So that has been good. We are also working with the Elders to
get out ward co-ordination meetings with our ward mission leader to
function more effectivly. So that is going well too. We share our ward
with the assistants to the presidents so they are like hardly ever
here they have to travel around the mission so much but it's still
been good. They are some great Elders.

Okay also why did I not get any pictures of the baby????? how is she
doing? how is Bri? I need to know these things!!!!!! I keep telling
everyone I get to be an aunt for the 6th time and I am super excited!
basically I just have the coolest family out there. I talk to people
about you all of the time. People are still amazed to find out that I
am the shortest child in my family of 6. :)

We got to go Christmas carroling last night with the other sisters
from the area. It was super fun. We went to a few less actives houses
and then to some people that we didn't know. The spirit was super
strong when we were singing but oh my goodness was it cold!!!!! It
looks like we will for sure have a while Christmas here!! Christmas
day should be really good too. We are skyping in the morning. (plan
between 10 and 11 I will call mom or dad before hand to let you know I
am ready and to get on.) and then we are having Christmas lunch with a
family and then going to the mission home for a few hours and then we
have less actives to visit too! so we are excited it should be a good

Also another side note we started this healthy living challenge with
the other sisters in our zone (there are 7 sets of sisters and 7 sets
of elders in our zone!!! that is crazy!!!!!! I have never served
around so many sisters before. it's awesome) so anyways all 7 of us
are participating and you get a point for everything you do or don't
do. There are 10 things on the list and you get a point for each one.
One of them is to not eat sweets except on P-day and the Holidays. I
have been doing so good! we also have to eat two servings of fruits
and veggies and I have actually been doing that too. Basically I am
doing great! I am pretty sure I am winning so far. I joked with
everyone and told them that all you needed to do for me to be healthy
is make it a competition! :) but it has made a huge difference. A
while back I really started to focus on working out which I have been
much better at but now adding in the eating right has been awesome.
maybe I will fit in my clothes better again! hahaha

Oh I don't know what else to write about. Things are going good. Life
moves on! the work continues. I love you all oodles and oodles! Thank
you for all the love and support. It really means a lot to me!

Love always your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux

oh!!! P.S. I almost forgot something huge! I chopped all my hair off
last week. It's in an a-line and I love it! super easy to do now. you
will see it on wed.! and I can send home pictures next week. ok bye
for reals this time!

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