Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 6, 2014

So I am now on the down hill slope and I am not very excited about it.
This past Friday was my 9 month mark! It's all downhill from
here...... :(
On a more uplifting note this past week was good and crazy! So
yesterday and today the weather has been freakishly freezing so they
cancelled church!! at once point yesterday it was -9 or something like
that but with the windchill it was -51!!!! a little bit on the cold
side I would say. but we were allowed to go out and work if we had
appointments which we did have a few so we went to them. We were super
sad though because we had like 4 less actives and an investigator who
told us that they would be at church!!!!! we never have that many
people commit to come to church!! ever!!!!!!! but its okay.... next
week hopefully they will still come.

So our investigator who was going to come to church, her name is
Kristina and she is amazing. I don't know if I have wrote about her.
She read the entire Book of Mormon in two weeks! crazy!!!! but her
husband is Catholic and not super supportive. and she church hopped a
lot growing up so she doesn't want to rush into things right now. We
feel like one day she is just going to tell us that she wants to be
baptized. Everything we have taught her so far has made sense to her
and she hasn't had any problems. On Sunday when church was cancelled
we went to see her and taught her the Word of Wisdom and she was like
ya I am already living this. She had no problems with any of it! I
honestly think that if we could get her family on board then she would
totally join the church!!!!

We had an amazing visit this past week with our less active Sister
Haatija. She is amazing. She was born in the church but left when she
was young. One day she was listening to her Mom (who is still active)
talk with her sister (who is less active) about the church and how it
could help her. Sister Haatija decided then that she should give the
church another chance. So she asked her Mom where she could get a Book
of Mormon. Her mom called the mission office, they connected her to
the Elders and about a half hour later they were at Sister Haatija's
apartment giving her a copy of the Book of Mormon. That happened last
September I believe and she has been reading it ever since. This past
Friday she told us she was in 3 Nephi and she is in Section 22 of the
Doctrine and Covenants. She studies the scriptures every night for at
least an hour!!! She quit drinking coffee and has almost quit smoking.
She says the more she reads and learns the less she wants to smoke.
She told us she is so sad that she took someone elses words all those
years ago and never found our for herself. She told us that so many
times in her life she has heard Christ knocking on her door and she
just never let him in, until now. She asked us how someone goes about
sharing their testimony in sacrament meeting. She wants to tell others
her story and tell them that they need to find out for themselves. she
was totally going to bear her testimony yesterday too!! and then
church got cancelled..... but long story short she is amazing and I
love her!!!!!!!! Her son lives in Missiouri and he is not a member and
they have been talking a lot recently and he said that he would like
to learn more so we are going to get the missionaries sent to him!!!
this gospel is just so true!!!!!!

Since it was so cold yesterday we were asked to stay in if we didn't
have appointments so last night frim like 5 to 9 we were in. So we
wrote letters and that got boring so we finally went up and knocked on
the door of the Malik's who we live with and asked what they were
doing. We went up and helped sister malik cook and made bracelets with
her girls. Oh and we tried this experiement where you boil water and
then take it outside and throw it in the air  and it turns straight
into snow! it was crazy!! the things you do when it's cold outside and
you can't go out teaching..... it was fun :)

oh ya this past week was new  years. we went to bed at 10:30 so
nothing really all that exciting... :) it didn't even really feel like
a Holiday. I guess I am just super tired today because I can't think
of what else we did this past week. Time is just going way too fast!
that's is all that I know.

OH so because church was cancelled our ward mission leader invited us
and the Elder's and any less actives or investigators that we had to
come to his house for a testimony meeting. It was so amazing! the
spirit was super strong. We didn't have anyone come but the Elders had
their less active who is returing to activity Thomas and his uncle
Dave who is an investigator and Dave's non-member son come. There was
also Brother Kingrey who just joined the church in May there. and of
course the Beu's and their daughter. It was super awesome. Everyone's
testimonies were just so different yet we all knew the same thing.
That the church was true. Then after that we were able to have some
chili and sit and laugh and talk. It was a good substitute for church
I guess :)

Well I really can't think of anything else to write. Life is good, the
work goes on and the church is true. I LOVE YOU!!!

Love always your favorite Sister Missionary,
Sister Boudreaux

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