Saturday, January 25, 2014

January 20,2014
oh my goodness time is going way to fast! I don't like it....
oh my this past week. I don't even know how to put it into words.
Missions are crazy stressful! and Crazy hard! and so incredibly worth
it. This past week I have been struggling a bit with my emotions and
just feeling overwhelmed with things. It's been hard. But through it
all I have felt an incredible connection to the Holy Ghost. I have had
strong promptings that have led me to know where to go and what to
say. They have led me to know how to handle my current trial. It's
been a testimony trying and a testimony building week!!!
So cool experience time. So on Saturday night we were sitting in our
apartment working on something when all of a sudden I was like. Sister
Haskell we need to go see Harriett Brings. Sister Brings is a less
active woman who we have only actually met one time. But the spirit
told me that was where we needed to go. So we dropped everything and
went to her house. She was home and let us right in. As we talked with
her the spirit was so strong. The entire lesson was so led by the
spirit. later as we talked about it Sister Haskell was like I didn't
even know what I was saying until it came out of my mouth! But
everything she said the spirit testified to me was true and the right
things to say. As we talked with her she really opened up and told us
the reason she left the church and has never come back. But as we sat there the spirit hit me
so strong and told me that she was ready to come back. I know that it
will be an incredibly difficult journey for her but with our Father in
Heaven's help she will be able to do it.

Our other less active Sister Haskell (not my companion :) ) is doing
AMAZING! She came to church last sunday for all 3 hours, then she came
to the relief socitey activity on tuesday night and brought her
non-member daughter. Then Friday she called us to ask about the
baptism on Saturday (the Elder's investigator got baptized. It was
awesome!) and then she came to that and then church again on Sunday
for all 3 hours!!!!!! so basically she is amazing and doing wonderful!
we are super excited for her.

Oh ya we also stayed with the Sister who serve in the Mt. Rushmore
ward for two nights last week. (sister Johnson and Sister Ransom) who
are also our sister training leaders. it was way fun and they are
super awesome sisters. But we do again have hot water so that is
awesome! Super excited for that :) It was nice to be able to take a
shower in my own bathroom again. Yesterday was Sister Ransom and Elder
Salmon (he served in Grand Forks with Sister Ransom and I, He was in
the other ward there and now he is a zone leader here in Rapid) anyway
it was there birthdays yesterday. So last night we went to the
Kearsleys apartment ( they are a senior couple who works in the
mission office) and had cake and ice cream. It was super fun. all the
missionaries who serve here in rapid where there. so 4 sets of elders
and 4 sets of sisters! we took pictures as soon as I get them I will
send them home. Sister Ransom is supposed to send them to me.

 Ok so did you decided if you are going to go to her home coming? I
was going to email her mom with moms info or give mom her mom's email
so you could work it out and figure out where it is and when. But she
is from Orem so it's not too far from home :)

This week has been hard but so worth it. I know that everything will
be okay. Heavenly Father loves us all oh so much!!
That is exciting that you are having the missionaries over for dinner.
be nice to them!!!!! :) and give them rides when they run out of
miles. and feed them yummy food! What's funny is that my Bishop here
in Rapid, his son is serving in the Utah Provo  mission right now. but
I thought our stake was apart of the Lehi mission? is there  Lehi
mission? I could just be going  crazy. It's a very real possibility.
Also I am super excited to hear who our new bishop will be! what is
the name of the new stake president? It will be weird to come home and
report to someone that I don't know. But like you said Mom he has been
called of God and that is what is most important. It's weird that this
all happened while I am out on my mission! speaking of missionaries
does our ward have anyone else who is out right now? (besides me,
Marie, and Ethan.) The ward I serve in here in Rapid has literally
like 8 missionaries right now. it's crazy! plus two more getting read
to leave. But then I guess two of them are about to come home too.

Well I think that is all about my crazy week. I love you all and miss
you all as well! 


Love always, your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux

 January 13, 2014
) so like I said this week has been crazy!
but really good too!!! we taught 14 lessons! which is the most lessons
that I have taught since I got here! it also ties the most lessons
that I have taught on my mission. So that was good! we taught 11 less
active lessons this past week which is crazy! but good too! We also
found a new investigator! so that was exciting.

So we found a less active named Sister Haskell ( who is not related to
 my companion) and she came to church yesterday and stayed for all 3
hours! it was amazing! it was the first time she has come to church in
years! so we were super excited. and then Sister Haatija who is our
amazing less active who decided that after years of being away from
the church she needed to give it a second chance, she stayed for all
of church too!! and we had two other less actives come! it was a good
sunday as far as seeing less active members at church. Also because
church was cancelled last week because of the crazy weather we had
testimony meeting yesterday. There are some of the sweetest little
kids in this ward who bear their testimonies! It reminds me of home :)
so great. I really do love this ward.

so I got a letter from Jadyn ( the cute girl from grand forks who is
getting baptized in march) and she told me that she has decided to go
to BYU Provo for school!!!! which is awesome because that means when I
get home next october she will be in her freshman year of college and
I will totally be able to see her!!!! super duper excited for that.
also she and I are both praying that I can get transferred back to
fargo :) (well I am of course praying that the Lord will send me where
ever I am needed but I do add in a side note that if there is anyway
that I could be at her baptism I would really appreciate it :) )

So our district recently has been really struggling. So a few weeks
ago we shared with them how sister haskell and I had developed this
new motto, Pull a Nike and Just do it! so Elder Plitt our district
leader called us wed. morning and asked us if we would be willing to
give a short training to the district about our new motto. We were
like sure! and so we prayed about it and planned it out during our
studies. I was able to share a quote by Elder Holland that Lindsey
sent to me at the start of my mission about how important that it is
that we work hard in our missions,not to baptize everyone but because
it's what is expected of us. That if we don't work as hard as we can
then it will be our fault that these people don't come unto the
gospel. He talks about how you should give everything you have when
you don't think that you can and especially when you don't want to. I
was then able to share the experience that Sister Ransom and I had in
Grand Forks (which was a little bit odd because she is in my
district.) about how we had been working SO incredibly hard and we had
NO ONE to teach. but we just kept going. and sometimes I would think
to myself why? why are we working so hard? what is the point. but we
kept going and eventually the Lord blessed us with Brianna Poppe. I
told them about how I had a moment during Brianna's baptismal service
where I had an overwhelming feeling of joy. a feeling that this was
exactly why we had worked so hard. and I thought to myself that if I
had to do it all again, I would. Because that moment made it all worth
it. We had some other really great thoughts at district meeting and we
all committed to working hard. To pull a Nike and just do it!! and
this past week we hit every single one of the goals we set besides
one! The only thing that we didn't hit was having investigators at
church. We needed one more to show up and we would have hit that goal
too And not only did we hit all the other goals but we exceed every.
single. one. The Lord blesses us when we work hard. :)

We had zone training meeting this past week too and it was so great!
such a powerful meeting. I really enjoyed it! We are lucky here in
Rapid because President and Sister Anderson are able to attend some of
our zone meetings, where in other parts of the mission you only really
see them once every other transfer. in my first 7.5 months as a
missionary I only ever saw my mission president twice. Both times for
zone conferences. Since being here in Rapid I have seen him at least
once a week if not more. anyways back to our meeting. so at the end we
were singing I'll go where you want me to go. and Sister Ransom was
sitting at the front of the room because she had been giving part of
the training as a sister training leader and she just started to cry!
(because she is going home soon) and of course seeing her cry made me
cry. so after the meeting I told her that I loved her! and I told her
that I am the missionary I am today because of her. She grabbed my
hand and said 'I love you Sister Boudreaux'. I just love that girl so
much! I am going to miss her when she goes home. But the good news is
that Orem is not very far away from American Fork!! :) I have also
decided that you should go to her homecoming! so you can meet her :) I
will see what I can do to find out when and where it will be. She goes
home the first week of February. I will keep you updated.

Well I don't think there is anything else to write home about! life is
good! this church is true!! and I love you all with all of my

Love always your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux

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