Saturday, February 1, 2014

well hello my dear family. how are things at home?? Things here are
FANTASTIC! and I love it :)  well maybe it's just been a good morning
so I am in a really good mood. So this will be a happy email!! :)

So let me explain why it's a happy morning. This past Friday we get a
call from the Elders that we share our ward with and they are like,
Hey so we were trying a Less active in your area and we felt like we
should knock on her neighbors door so we did and we set an appointment
for monday morning at 9:30, do you want it? of course we were like
um... ya we want it!! so we went to this appointment this morning
totally not expecting to have anything really come from it but they
let us in! It's a husband and wife and they have a cute little boy who
is 2. We taught them the Restoration and the husband wasn't too
interested in everything but the wife was like ya, you can come back
and teach me more! it was awesome!!! so we are going to go and visit
her this Thursday again! They both expressed to us that they have been
looking for a religion but haven't really found one yet. She told us
she feels kinda like Joseph Smith not knowing what church she should
join. Anyway we were pretty excited and it made for a good morning
today :) Even though the appointment was in the middle of our studies.

It has been a pretty good week. I got to go on an exchange with Sister
Ransom!! It was awesome. I never would have guessed that I would get
to spend 24 more hours with her as my companion. It was fun. We were
even able to tract into a new investigator together. Which was pretty
legit. It was in her area, not mine but that's okay! it was still fun.

We also had a really good lesson with our investigator Kristina. She
is doing well. She is the one who read the book  of mormon in two
weeks. and she knows that it is true she is just worried about her
family. Her husband is a strict Catholic and is scared that her
joining the church could cause a divorce and they don't either one
believe in divorce. So we are moving slow with her but she has a
testimony of the gospel! we watched the restoration DVD with her and
she LOVED it. We invited her to watch it with her family. So we hope
that she does!!! She's awesome. Both Sister Haskell and I have felt
that she will join the church someday. Maybe not right now but she
will join.

We are super excited because today we are going to go to the mission
home and have a sister P-day party! we are going to watch Ephriam's
rescue. Super excited for that. It should be fun. and then tonight we
are going to watch 17 miracles with the Malik family (the family we
live with) It was funny last night we knocked on the door to ask them
if it was still okay to watch the movie tonight and sister malik
answered and sister Haskell's like HI mom! it was super cute. She was
like Hi girls! She is a single mom with 5 girls so we just decided we
would adopt ourselves in as her 6th and 7th daughters :) They are
awesome and we love them.

So this is a weird transfer and it has 7 weeks (because the last
transfer had 5 because of the holidays) so this is week 7! Transfer
calls are this Saturday. I honestly have no idea what is going to
happen. But I trust that it's in the Lord's hands. President Anderson
is an amazing mission president and I know that he does what the Lord
wants him to do for our mission so we shall see!! a small piece of my
heart is still hoping that they will send me back to fargo so I can be
at Jadyn's baptism in March :) but another part of me wants to stay
here! and part of me wants to still be with Sister Haskell and part of
me wants a new companion too! so really I am just putting it in the
Lord's hands because I can't even make up my mind about what I want :)
It's funny as Sister Haskell and I have talked we both feel the same
way. Sometimes she wants to leave, sometime she wants to stay. Some
days she wants a new companion and some days she wants to still be
with me! it's funny :)

So we found a new fun way to tract. We have decided to make it less
boring we bought gummy candies and we leave them in the pocket of our
coats so we can eat them as we go. I had Dinosaur ones the other day.
that way when someone is rude to you it's ok! because you can eat a
yummy gummy candy as you walk away. and you feel a little bit better
inside :)

I don't know what else to tell you. This past week has been crazy! but
awesome. ups and downs and lefts and rights. but the Lord is always
with us. I know that to be true with all of my heart. He knows us
individually and perfectly. No matter what we are facing He is there.
He won't take away our hard times. but He stands with us through them.
I love you all so much! I was talking this past week with my mission
president and his wife in the mission home ( a blessing that only
comes from serving here in Rapid) and he was asking about my family. I
was able to tell him that I don't really worry about you all back
home. Because I know that you are all strong in the gospel. and I pray
every single day that you will stay that way. What a blessing is is to
be a part of the Boudreaux family!! Every single one of my companions
has had brothers or sisters who have left the church that they are
constantly praying for. I am so thankful to not have to worry about
those things. I do still pray for you all and I know that this gospel
is a life long commitment but what a blessing to know that we are all
in this together. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for the prayers and letters and support. Remember that life
is too short to not giggle every now and then!!

Love always,
Sister Boudreaux

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