Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Feb 3

 to start out I just want you to all know that I love you. With all of
my heart. So don't ever forget it!!!! okay so this past week has been
crazy and amazing and crazy some more!! we taught 17 lessons!!!! which
I have never done on my mission before!!! and we invited our new
investigator to get baptized on March 1st and she said yes! She was
the one who we found last Monday that I wrote about, Raven. We are
super excited. She doesn't have a strong religious background but she
has the desire to be baptized and we can work with that!!! This gospel
changes people and it changes lives. I know that to be true with all
of my heart! So in our mission we do what we call hard invites which
means that you invite the investigator to baptism on the first lesson
and by the second lesson we invited them with a specific date. So we
did this with her and she told us that after we left she thought about
it and just felt like it was what she needed to do! so we are super
excited about that.

church yesterday was incredible!!!! We had two investigators come!!!
Kristina came and she LOVED it. She stayed for all 3 hours and later
we had a lesson with her and she told us that this was the friendliest
church she has ever been to before. We came out of our co-ordination
meeting yesterday and the Bishops wife was like "there is someone here
to see you sittting on the back row. but I am taking her" so she did!
Kristina sat with her and then sat with us in sunday school. She even
participated! it was amazing.

oh I forgot to tell you. I am staying here! and so is sister haskell
:) so ya! I guess I am just a 3 transfer companion :) which is good
because our area is doing fantastic! We had like 4 less actives at
church too! basically yesterday was a great day. this past week has
been crazy but amazing all at the same time. I don't even know how to
put it all into words.

so who is the new bishop? do you have one yet? tell Miss Kris that I
say HI back! I miss jr jag preschool sometimes ;) The Porter family in
the ward are amazing and they have this cute little girl Mackenzie and
out of no where she just decided that she wants to be like my best
friend. So we are pretty tight :) It's also Sister haskell's birthday
this Saturday so we are super excited to Party! (missionary style of

So Sister Haataja our less active has been doing so great! She is
working on quitting smoking and she is determined! She told us that
she wants to go to the temple. OH! She finished the Book of Mormon for
the first time! Yesterday in Sunday school they were talking about
conversion and we talked about how it is different than just having a
testimony. Sister Haskell told me that Sister Haataja leaned over to
her during the lesson and asked, "is that what I am doing? (as in
becoming converted)  and Sister Haskell was like ya!!! I just love the
people here. Oh and Sister Arrington got transfered to a ward here in
Rapid too! so for a few minutes on Wed. all 3 of my companions will be
here! I am hoping to get a picture with them.

Ok so in all honesty when we first heard about transfers both Sister
Haskell and I were a little bit upset. Because we are both pretty
different. And we are happy together but getting along takes a lot of
work for both of us. We have decided that as friends we are GREAT! but
as mission companions we work very hard. I was having a pity party for
myself. and then the Lord sent me some special people who gave me a
nice kick in the rear. :) They helped me to know that this is not the
end of the world. Maybe it will be hard but the Lord wants us together
for a reason. and He understands us and the bigger pictures so much
better than we ever will. I feel like someday I will finally just
learn to put my trust in HIm and stop trying to think that I know what
is right all the time :) Over and over again He is teaching me what it
means to be truly humble. If there is anything I want to take out of
my mission it's learning how to have true humility. I have realized
that I just need to let go of the control. and give it to Him. I can
feel Him molding me into what He wants me to be. Sometimes I am just
stubborn and fight it. and then things don't go so great. But when I
turn it over to Him it always works out how it is supposed to. I can
tell you that today I am excited for this transfer and for these
people and especially to be with Sister Haskell.

The youth theme for this year is Come Unto Christ and they have a
music video on in the youth section. Oh my goodness you all
need to watch it!! It warms my heart. The other day I was listening to
it here at the library and I just felt like I could feel my Savior
putting His arms around me. He is never far away from us. But we have
to let Him in. We must come to Him. He doesn't take away the trials
but He is there for us. I know that with all of my heart. Sometimes we
have to humble ourselves to be able to see that. I know that our
Heavenly Father lives. and He loves each and everyone of us. And I
know with all of my heart and soul that my Savior lives. Last week in
district meeting our district leader held a mini testimony meeting and
he asked us all two questions. One why did we come on a mission and
two why are we still here. what has kept us on our missions. The
reason I came on a mission was to share the gospel with others,
because it has blessed me and my family so much. And the reason that I
am still here on a mission is because of my Savior. Because He loves
me. And has never left me alone. Missions are hard. Hard in a way I
don't think I could ever imagine. Yet this is the greatest experience
I have had in my life. I know that I am here because of my family,
friends, and ward members who helped me to gain my own testimony of
this gospel. There are so many people who gave me that great example
that I needed to follow. I know that my Savior lives. If you are
having a hard time, Come unto Christ. He is there. and He loves you.

I love you!!! I know that you are at home praying for me!! and I pray
for you too!! every single night I thank my Father in Heaven for my
family and ask HIm to bless you. I can't wait for the day when I will
get to see you all again but I know that my time here is sacred and
that as I serve you will be blessed. Thank you for all your
testimonies and love. I LOVE YOU!!!!! with all of my heart I love you.

Love always,
Sister Boudreaux
Denae :)

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