Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12

Hello from Huron! It was so good to talk to you and dad yesterday! so things here are going good! slowly picking themselves up. Yesterday Sammy and Gabby came to church which was awesome! they have really enjoyed it both weeks that they have come and we are super excited for them as they continue to progress to baptism! (and lasting conversion) :) Their mom who doesn't speak much English stayed for our gospel principles class and it was awesome because we have a woman in the ward who was able to translate it for her so that she could understand what was being taught! So that was good.

This past Saturday I got to help build a house for Habitat for Humanity. I was on an exchange in Brookings (we trade companions for 24 hours) and so me and Sister Jaramillo got to go Saturday morning and help build a house! It was tons of fun. I used a nail gun and everything! I will send home pictures :) I guess this past week was the woman's build week across the country so they got as many woman as they could to come out and build! Plus the exchange itself was tons of fun. Sister Jaramillo just makes me laugh so much! I love her to pieces.

Things are going good here. We have been able to see the tender mercies of the Lord as we have been doing our best to work hard and find those that need us. We were able to find a less active who hadn't been reached out to for a while and she recently got custody of her 11 year old son. we are going over to visit with them tonight. so that could be promising. Sister Maisey and I are doing great! we are laughing and having a good time. It's been crazy to hear about Grand Forks and all the people there and what has been going on since I left. but fun too! it's fun too because we have both been out for so long that we have lot's of fun stories to swap. It's basically good times :)

This past week I feel like the Lord has again just been teaching me to let things go. To give everything over to Him. I must just be too stubborn for my on good! Because I feel like I have learned this lesson time and time again and yet it just keeps coming up. Maybe someday it will sink in :) until them I guess I will just keep on learning! But it's amazing to see the difference when we let go and give ourselves over to Him. I have found that many times things that I am worrying about or fearful of are things that with His help I can overcome. Sometimes we flounder around trying to work things out and we forget that He is there for us. That He has experienced all of these things already and that He knows how to help us. Like it teaches us in Alma 7 the Lord knows His people and their infirmities. He knows how to help us if we will be humble enough to give things over to Him. I was so impressed in last conference when President Eyring talked about how he has served around two different presidents of the church and he says"I have seen that as a counselor to two living prophets of God. They are individuals with unique personalities. Yet they seem to share a consistent optimism. When someone raises an alarm about something in the Church, their most frequent response is “Oh, things will work out.” They generally know more about the problem than the people sounding the alarm." I love the thought that things will work out! isn't that just so comforting! things will always work themselves out. we just have to have the faith to put our trust in the Lord! and remember that He see's that bigger picture that we don't.

well I know this letter is short but I don't know what else to write about. things have been good. we are doing well. I love serving the Lord!!! I love you all too!! I hope that your weeks are amazing and that you can know how much I love you and pray for you!!

Love always your favorite sister missionary
Sister Boudreaux

sister Jaramillo and I! and the woman of the build!

using a nail gun!!!
getting ready to go build a house!

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