Friday, May 9, 2014

May 5

happy easter!
and mural fun

Hey! so this past week has kind of been a haze of I don't even know what happened. But here I am sitting down to write to you again! oh so first things first we are set to Skype home next week at the Gose's house next Sunday at 6:30pm our time which would be 5:30pm your time. also as much as I want to see everyone and talk with you all our mission president has stressed to us that this is the Mother's day call and that our Mom's should be the most important person that we are talking with :) also I will be skyping again on an ipad so just keep that in mind :)

Ok so now that that is taken care of how is everyone doing? I love you all so much! this past week I have felt your prayers oh so much! I know that the Lord was helping me that is for sure! it's been a good week though and I know that things will pick up here. The greatest news ever is that Sammy and Gabby finally came to church!!!!! and they loved it!!!! it was the first time that they had come so we had to move their baptismal date back a few weeks just so we can help them get used to coming to church. I am super excited for them. They are the cutest girls ever! Sammy is 9 and she just has the sweetest spirit to her. What can I say I just love to teach children!

so I don't know if I wrote home about this but Sister Haskell (my companion) wrote to me and told me that Sister Haskell's (the woman in our ward who we helped return to activity) grandson Alex got baptized!!!!!! which is such exciting news!!!!! filled my heart with happiness that is for sure.

So Sister Maisey is here and we are doing great! She came from Grand Forks so she gave me updates on all the wonderful people there :) which was nice. last pday sister dennison and I went on an adventure in the rain. I told her that it was her last day here and even if it was raining we had to do something fun! so we went and took silly pictures in the rain :) I will send them home today hopefully if I don't run out of time! then Tuesday I spent the day in Brookings because sister dennison road the first transfer train and sister maisey came on the second train (15 passenger vans that they use to transport missionaries in our mission. because our mission is HUGE!) so sister dennison left at like 2 and sister maisey got here at like 8. long day! but it was good.

Church yesterday was such a good experience. The spirit was very strong in all 3 meetings. Huron is a very small ward but they take care of each other! it's a family. and I love it so much!! I love these people with all of my heart and they make me so happy inside! They are so strong in the face of trials and it just gives me courage and strength to face what the Lord wants me to face. Missions aren't easy but they are so incredibly worth it!!!

well I know this is a super short email but I can't think of anything else to write about! this week has just been kinda crazy! but I am doing good and I love you all dearly :) thank you for the love and support! it is felt and needed and appreciated! greatly :)

oh I was going to ask if maybe you could send me some piano music? like some of the stuff we used to listen to on Sundays? but if/when you send it there is no need to include candy I the box. I might have gained some weight on my mission...... and I still have Easter candy to eat! :) if not no worries but I just thought I would ask!!

Well that is all for today! I will make sure to send the pictures! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! and I know that this is the Church of Jesus Christ! I believe that with all of my heart and soul.
Love always your favorite sister missionary
Sister Boudreaux   

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