Friday, June 14, 2013

June 10

Hello my wonderful family!!!
Things are going good here in North Dakota. the other day I told Sister Ransom that I LOVE North Dakota. Like who would have ever guessed?! not me that's for sure! but it's amazing up here and the people are incredibly nice.
This is kinda a boring letter I guess... I don't really know what to say in it.... Nothing super duper exciting has happened. oh! I guess we taught more lessons last week than we have since we got here! we were excited about that. The elders who serve in the second ward here in Grand Forks had a baptism this past Saturday so we went to that and it was soooo great. She is super solid. Her testimony was beautiful. It's raining here like every other day. The weather can't decide if it wants to be sunny or not. Seriously it's like every other day. One day it's all nice and sunny and we feel like we are burning. Next day it's pouring rain. Today we woke up and there was fog outside. What can I say it's always an adventure!
Yesterday we had a YSA (young single adult) breakfast with some of the YSA's who are still in the area. That was fun. I even made chocolate chip pancakes! and no one died from eating them. I am working on my domestic skills our here as a missionary. I was joking around with the YSA's and I was like "someday I will be married so I have to practice on all of you my pancake making skills" and then someone jokingly was like "well what if you don't get married?" and I was like "well then I will make chocolate chip pancakes for myself! either way I need to hone my skills" :) it was funny. OH! and there is a girl here in our ward who just got called on her mission to Gilbert Arizona! she's a nice girl.... a little sheltered.... but nice :) so if Brandon and Melani run into a Sister Minkler she is from up here in Grand Forks, ND!
Sorry this letter is so short! I don't know what else to say.
This past week Sister Ransom and I have just repeatedly (like probably 7 or 8 times no joke) come across scriptures, conference talks, articles in the ensign, and our lesson from relief society this past sunday, that talk about putting our trust in God and submitting our will to his will. Basically we have been rebuked from on high :) and while it's been a hard lesson to learn it's one that when we fully come to understand it will help our area blossom like it never could have (or would have) before. I realized this past week that for the first two months of my mission I have been working incredibly hard. But that the only thing I have withheld is my whole soul. I realized that if I want my mission to change my life then I can't keep back my heart. That I have to give EVERYTHING to the Lord. and trust in him. It's a scary thought and I have been praying for the faith and courage to do so. But I know that once I am able to submit my will to Heavenly Father's there is nothing that I won't be able to accomplish as a missionary. It's scary! I don't want to put my heart into this work and be disappointed. It's much easier to just say well I am working really really hard! isn't that enough? but Heavenly Father has made it incredibly plain to me this past week that if I want to have a real lasting success as a missionary, the kind that chagnes not only my life but the lives of my future family, then no just working hard is not enough. That it's up to me but that if I want to let my mission change my life then I have to give up this last bit of control. I have to put my trust completly in him. So here goes nothing!!! I guess we will see how it turns out :)
I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOO MUCH! and I love getting your emails :) the brighten my Mondays and help me have the courage and energy to keep working.
Love your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux

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