Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3

Things are going GREAT here! WE found 4 new investigators this past week which is more than we have basically since we got here.... but one of them turned out to live in the Elders area so we passed her off to them. But hopefully they will have good success with her! We also taught more lessons this past week than we have since we got here! and we placed 8 Book of Mormons in 4 days :) so we were pretty excited. The boy we have on date for baptism is named Kaedyn Thompson and his date is set for June 29th. So far things are going good so we are still planning on that day. His family came to church yesterday (well his Dad didn't come but I do know he has come with them in the past) and his mom bore her testimony. It was great to get to hear her share her testimony and to hear that she does know that the church is true. We keep praying for his dad Rocky and we hope that someday his heart will be softened to the gospel. Kaedyn has a little sister named Caisey (said cazey) and she is sooo adorable! she just turned 7 and she has been listening to our lessons with her older brother. The other day we thought about giving her a Book of Mormon and she was sooo incredibly thankful for it. She brought it with her to church yesterday and told us that she was been reading from it every night :) It's so great to see the faith of children and to just realize that they understand and believe so much greater than we do. Christ counsels us again and again to be like the little children and it's great to see that here as I am serving.
This past fast Sunday we fasted as a Zone (so all of the missionaries in the Stake that I serve in.... which is about the size of Utah..... ) and we fasted for unity as a zone, as districts, and as companionships. We also fasted for success in our zone. It was a super powerful fast and I can already see how we are being blessed for it. The zone leaders attached the scripture Alma 31:32-35 to our fast and that just added to the spirit and strength of our fast. It's been amazing!!!!
Other than that I don't think that I have anything else exciting to talk about..... Life is going good here in Grand Forks! we love being here! I LOVE being a missionary!!!! and I LOVE all of you back home!!!!
This morning I was studying and lately I have really been pondering about how the Lord views me and I just have felt like there are soooo many things that I should be better at and sooooo many things that I need to change. So I prayed this morning before I studied to know how the Lord saw me as his servant. and the answer that I got was that the Lord has confidence in me but that the reason he shows me my weaknesses is to help me remember that without him I am nothing. Without my savior this work would never be able to go forth. There is no point to missionary work and really anything that we do in the church without the Lord. Everything that we do is a blessing from him. All of our success comes through his Grace and Love and Mercy. So that's why he reminds us of our weakness. Not to tear us down but so that we always remember him. It was a good lesson that I learned this morning and I just wanted to share it with you! also lately we have been reading the conference talks from this past conference and they are soooo amazing! so many of them make me cry every time that I read them. If you have the chance you should read the talks from the Young Womens broadcast. OH and President Monsons talk from the Priesthood sesson. That one literally makes me cry every single time that I read it :)
I love hearing what is going on at home and I love knowing that I have such an amazing strong support system! I can feel your love and your prayers for me everyday! Your great examples and testimonies help me as I work here in North Dakota. The Lord loves us all so much! and I know that he has blessed me with amazing people in my life who I needed to help me. Thanks for the prayers and the love!!! I love you all with all of my heart! Don't forget your crazy daughter/sister/aunt/friend!!!!!!
Love your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux

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