Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hello and thank you for all the birthday wishes!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry this e-mail was a day late. The library here closed on Columbus
day. Pretty lame I know. Sister Arrington and I decided that it is the
lamest holiday ever. but oh well! but it means that I got to read all
of your birthday wishes on my actual birthday!!!! so that was super
nice. And the only package I have gotten so far is the one that Sister
Ransom sent to me. Which was a super cute!! she sent me a scarf and a
notebook. Plus a card and some cute pictures of us. But we haven't
checked the mail yet today so maybe something will have come today :)

So here is my weekly update just a day later. Things here are going
good!! Last week we were about to find 3 new investigators so that was
super nice! Plus this coming friday we are going to have an
opportunity to hear from a general authority again! so that is super
exciting. I guess there is a family that just moved into the 2nd ward
here in town and the wife of that family, her dad is a member of the
70 (or he might have just been released from the 70 at conference)
anyway so this friday he is going to come and talk to all the
missionaries in my zone! so that is pretty exciting. It's like a
special thing they are setting up just for us I am pretty sure! I will
give you the full details about what happens in my email next week!!!

Stacey and Tyler are doing good! They are still both commited to being
baptize don the 9th of November! I am crazy excited!!! and we also
have another new investigator named Alisha. We tracted into her a few
weeks ago and taught her the restoration. And then every return
appointment we set for the past like 3 weeks has fallen through. And
then finally last night we were able to meet with her again! and she
is really interested in learning more about the church. In fact part
of the way throught the lesson she was like you know to learn more
about this I really think I should come to your church. Which as a
missionary is an AMAZING thing to hear!!!! Usually it's like pulling
teeth to get someone to come to church. So we are super excited! Pray
that she comes this sunday like she said she would :) She wasn't
really raised in a religion but wants her kids to have one. So she has
gone to Lutheran church and now she goes to the Catholic church but
really I just think she is searching for something. She told us flat
out that she is totally interested in learing about what we believe!!
And she also told us last night that if she finds out for herself that
this is the true church of Jesus Christ on the earth that she would be
baptized! so now we just need to help her find that witness for
herself!! That was exciting.

Last night we got to go to the bishops house for dinner and his wife
made me a birthday cake that said Happy Birthday Sister boudreaux on
it. I just love them! she is super cute. She told me that when her
kids were on their missions she would always get pictures of them on
their birthdays with members so she wanted to make sure that someone
took care of me on my birthday (well the day before my birthday) and
tonight we are eating with a family out on the air force base and I am
pretty sure there will be cake there too :) so that's good! It's weird
to think that I am 21!!! I feel so old. Which probably makes all of
you feel old too because I am younger than all of you! haha :) also
last night we were able to go to FHE with the YSA's in the ward. They
watched the movie 17 miracles. Which of course makes me cry every time
that I watch it. I am just SOOOO incredibly thankful for the pioneers
and all that they sacrificed for us. The church would not be what it
is today if not for those amazing people. So last night was a good
night :)

I don't really know what else to write about. Things are going good
here! I feel your prayers and support always! Like every other week I
feel like I have so many things to write home about and then I get
here to write them and they all seem to flee from my brain at the
exact same time! I love you all so much and I know that you love me!
getting to read all your birthday wishes today brought tears to my
eyes. I am so incredibly thankful for such wonderful family and
friends. Make sure to tell the youth who come by tonight to bear
testimony! it's the most powerful thing that a missionary has. No one
can tell you that your testimony is wrong. Because it's yours! and the
best way to strengthen a testimony is to share it with someone else. I
want you all to know that I know with all of my heart and soul that
Jesus Christ is our Savior and that He lives today. He is the one
leading and directing our church. This is the only true and living
church on earth today. What a wonderful message to the world that we
have to share!!!!! And what a wonderful opportunity I have to be
called to be His missionary and get to share it. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!!!!! Stay strong! this
church is true :)

Love always,
Sister Boudreaux

aka your favorite sister missionary :)

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