Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Well the transfer is over and the news is in!!! and I am staying here
AGAIN!!! surprise surprise hahah :) but I know that this transfer is
going to be the best one yet! I am determined to make it so!!!!!! If I
have to spend 7.5 months here then I am going to enjoy it! I guess
there is just something I am supposed to do or someone that I am
supposed to teach here that I haven't yet! so I am on the hunt to
figure out who it is and get things done!

The new work out program is going GREAT! I feel so much better
already. Who knew that going running in the morning would help so
much! also I am trying to not buy ANY junk food! (which is slightly a
struggle but I am working on it!) I feel myself getting skinny already
hahah :)

So this past week was crazy and yet not, all at the same time. We got
our investigator Stacey and her son Tyler to come to the Elder's
baptism on Saturday which was super great! the spirit you feel at a
baptism is AMAZING!!! and she had tons of really good questions.  Her
mother-in-law and husband are coming out this weekend and both are
members of the church so hopefully they will come and watch
conference! Then they came to church on Sunday and she asked us if we
would come by this week and teach Tyler about the sacrament and what
it all meant so that he could understand it better. So that was
exciting! it's amazing to see your investigators and the people that
you love so much progress in the gospel and find the truth for
themselves. the other night when we went to visit Stacey and had a
lesson with her she was on the phone with her husband when we first
got there and she told us that as the was ending the call with him she
said that the sisters where here so she had to go and near the end of
the conversation he was like "well don't you believe?" She told us
that really hit her. And I think that she is one of those people that
I need to teach! I just LOVE her so much! She is praying and we are
praying about a new date for her (because we don't feel she is going
to be ready by the 12th of Oct.) but she is still committed to being
baptized! so that is super awesome!!!

So Dacotah (I found out I have been spelling her name wrong this whole
time! Embarassing!) was going to come to church on Sunday but then she
cancelled. She is scared. So this week we are going to have a lesson
with her about church and help her feel more comfortable about it. I
just  know that if she will really take the time to read the Book of
Mormon and pray about it that she could accept the gospel! She is
another person that I just love so much!!!!

So we have to move apartments this week. That's going to be an
adventure! but that's okay it helps keep life interesting right :) I
am hoping that the new one will still have two bathrooms... I am
spoiled I know! but sharing a bathroom as a missionary can be
stressful! because you only have an hour to get ready! and for girls
that can be hard! anyways I know I should just be more grateful. There
are missionaries out there who are sleeping on dirt floors I am sure
and here I am complaining about having to share a I
really need to get a better prespective!!!!! I am excited that I will
get to spend my birthday here in Grand Forks! At least I will be
surrounded by people that I love! (not that if I was transferred I
wouldn't have been around people that I love... but Grand Forks is
like my north dakota home I have lived here almost longer than
anywhere else since I graduated from high school... weird huh!!)

And yes I am excited for my birthday! I cannot believe that I am about
to be 21!!!!!!! I feel so old..... plus I feel like I just turned 20!
It feels like the age change just happened but it was a year ago! A
year ago I was just a normal Sophomore in college living life and now
I am a missionary!!! it's crazy!!!!!

So let's be honest when I first found out that I was staying here in
Grand Forks for one more transfer I cried. Not because I don't love it
I totally do! but because it feels like I have given my heart and soul
to this area and I just don't know what else I have to give!! So
yesterday during the sacrament hymn we were singing and there was a
line that was asking for "courage to accept thy will" and as I sang I
just started to cry and cry. Because that was exactly what I needed. I
needed to have the courage to accept that me staying here for another
transfer was the will of the Lord. I don't know why but I do know that
He wants me to be here. So I have to keep pushing and I have to keep
working. And just have believe that amazing things are waiting for me
in the next 6 weeks! So here goes nothing!

I love you all oh so much!! I feel your prayers! I love your emails
and letters! they seriously help me make it through the weeks. to you
they may seem not all that important but to me they really really are!
I know Heavenly Father blessed me with such amazing people in my life
for a reason. Thank you for all that you do!!!!!!!! I LOVE

Love always your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux
AKA Denae :)

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