Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another week has come and gone and here I am writing home to such
wonderful people!! This past week has been an adventure that is for
sure!!! So we called the mission office on monday morning and they
told us the new apartment won't be ready til wed. So we are like okay
we will just wait til then to move. then wed. morning when they called
they told us that they apartment was supposed to be for the Elders not
us. Which doesn't really make any sense because the apartment we had
been living in was in the other ward boundries(2nd ward)  and the new
apartment was in our ward boundries(1st ward). and the elders would be
serving in the 2nd ward so anyway it was a mess and it took like all
morning to figure it out.but they did eventually tell us that we did
need to move. Then we had to actually move! and the new apartment
didn't have any furniture in it, all of the stuff for it was in a
storage unit nearby. So I asked the Elders if they would help us move
:) So pretty much all day wed. was devoted to moving apartments. and
like I said it was an adventure! but we are all moved in and it's
still a super nice place so we aren't complaining!

My other adventure from this past week is embarassing but kinda funny
too. So I hope that you all get a good laugh from it! So I have made
this new commitment to go running right. So the other morning we are
out for a run and it's dark out because its like 6 30 in the morning!
and I totally caught my foot on this piece of sidewalk as I was
running and fell flat on my face. Like literally my face hit the
cement. So I have this nasty scab on my knee that is like HUGE! it
covers about half my knee cap at least, my hands have a bunch of
scrapes on them, I have a bruise on my hip, a bruise on my shoulder,
and an itty bitty little scrape under my eye. some day maybe I will
learn how to be graceful. someday.....
Sister Arrington was all worried about me but then I told her that
falling on my face is a specialty of mine. I tend to do it a lot! haha
:) but everything is good! and we still go running!

Conference was in fact AMAZING!!!!! I loved so many of the talks. We
watched it at the chapel for 3 of the 4 sessions and then for the
Satruday afternoon session we went out to the air force base and
watched it with the Rose family and had dinner with them. they are
pretty much amazing! I just love them so much! two of my favorite
quotes from conference were "doubt your doubts before you doubt your
faith" and when President Monson asked the question "will you falter
or will you finish?"  I also loved how many people talked about
missionary work!!!!! and President Uchtdorf's talk was amazing!! that
one will be one that we for sure share with A LOT of people! I also
loved when one of the seventy talked about how watching basketball on
TV won't get you any better at basketball the same way that just
watching general conference won't make you a better person unless you
do something about it! (it probably stuck out to me so much because of
the basketball analogy.....)  there were just SO many great talks! I
cannot wait to get the Ensign so I can read them all again!

The bright spot of our week is that we were able to re-commit Stacey
to baptism! and that she talked with her son Tyler and he is also
commited to be baptized with her! We asked her to pray about it and
pick the date and she picked Nov. 9th. Which just so happens to be
transfer call Saturdays (both of my other baptisms I have had so far
on my misison have been on transfer call day... weird I know!) So we
are working hard to help her and tyler to be prepared on that date!
We are super excited for it!!!!

Other than that we don't have too many exciting investigator stories
this week.... we are going to be doing A LOT of finding this week! we
need some more people to teach! So that is our real main focus.

Well I think that is all that I have to write home about this past
week! Life is the same old same old here (well I guess not really... I
did move apartments... but you know what I mean!) I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!
thank you so much for all the love an support!!!!

Love always your favorite sister missionary,
Sister Boudreaux

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